SD seller

I also put out Soto Full-fledged transition to SD seller

I also put out Soto Full-fledged transition to SD seller High Career High Kim Ha-sung Crossing Autumn Baseball Water

SD seller

The San Diego Padres made a clear turn to “sellers” ahead of the trade deadline.

He put the leading players on the trade market over the course of pitching and hitting. This summer’s non-wave trade deadline is 9 a.m. on August 2nd (Korea Standard Time).

MLB Network reporter John Heyman said on the 28th, “San Diego is listening to other teams’ offers to trade outfielder Juan Soto, starting pitcher Blake Snell, and closer Josh Hader.”

There have been previous reports that Snell and Heather will be sent out, but the “Soto Trade Promotion” was first reported on the same day. Reporter Hayman said, “Soto, who will be eligible for FA at the end of the 2024 season, is 24 years old this year. The Padres have a 10% chance of letting him go. It is a trade that is difficult to achieve, he said, but added, “If Soto is traded, the team will be the New York Yankees.”

USA Today reporter Bob Nightingale also said, “Some teams negotiating with the Padres believe that All-Star closer Josh Hader and Cy Young pitcher Blake Snell will be traded. In particular, there is a high possibility of hairdressing trade,’ he said. Hader and Snell will be in the FA market at the end of this season explained, “San Diego seems to have not given up on the buyer’s position to the extent that he was interested in recruiting Chicago White Sox Lucas Giolito (which was eventually traded to the LA Angels), but the resources that can be obtained by selling Snell and Heather can be the best benefit for the club.”

Another media outlet, The Athletic, said, “Demand for Snell could expand further as the Angels cancel the Otani Shohei trade and bring in Giolito instead. Snell will be recognized as the most popular starting pitcher in the market, given that the White Sox have no intention of trading Dylan Seeds,’ he said

The Athletic said, “The Padres are likely to trade only one of Hader and Snell. That way, we can prepare for the possibility of autumn baseball for the rest of the season. In that case, the hairdresser is more likely to be traded,’ he said.

San Diego has 49 wins and 54 losses, ranking fourth in the NL West and seventh in the wild card. The win over the wild-card third-place Cincinnati Reds is 6.5 games, a gap that is not easy to catch up with for the remaining two months. The San Diego club has not officially declared a abandonment of the playoffs, but it seems clear that they are negotiating trade through behind-the-scenes contact.

Soto, who was brought in through a 6-2 trade with the Washington Nationals last summer, may move the team again in a year, but it is questionable whether San Diego will be offered a satisfactory trade package. A year ago, San Diego gave up as many as six prospects to Washington in exchange for Soto and Josh Bell. There seems to be a strong perception that such a group of players should be compensated 안전놀이터

Soto has played in 103 games this season, marking a batting average of 0.262 (92 hits in 351 at-bats), 20 home runs, 62 RBIs, 59 runs, 95 walks, 0.417 on-base percentage, 0.501 slugging percentage, and 0.918 OPS.

For Kim Ha-sung, who is having a high career, such a club’s move can be disappointing. Kim Ha-sung, who joined the team in 2021, cannot forget his memory of playing in the playoffs last year. He may be looking forward to autumn baseball as he is performing best in offense and defense this season

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