Suzy Lee Joon-ho who took out the knife for the haters

Suzy Lee Joon-ho who took out the knife for the haters of the national hotel was scolded for financial treatment


It has also been some time since stars declared a hard-line response to indiscriminate malicious comments, not leniency. Cases that went beyond the police and prosecution to the court are producing results one by one.

On the 27th, the third division of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice Ahn Cheol-sang) confirmed the lower court, which sentenced a fine of 500,000 won in the appeal of A in his 40s who was handed over to trial on charges of insult.

The eight-year trial ended with a fine. A was accused of writing comments such as “The Bubble Made by Unple, Just a National Hotel Girl” and “Movie Bangbang Decadent Suzy” in Suzy’s article posted on an Internet portal site in 2015

The prosecution requested a summary order for a fine against A, but A pleaded not guilty and requested a formal trial. The first trial judged all the comments guilty and sentenced them to a fine of 1 million won, but the second trial acquitted them because they believed the comments were not punishable by social norms.

Since then, in December last year, the Supreme Court has returned the case to the Seoul Northern District Court, breaking the original verdict, which acquitted the expression “national hotel girl,” saying it constitutes an insulting expression that sexually targets the victim. After the reversal, the court sentenced A to a fine of 500,000 won according to the purpose of the Supreme Court’s judgment, and A appealed again, but the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, saying the original judgment was justified.

On the 28th, the next day, there was news that a netizen who made malicious comments toward actor Lee Joon-ho had also confirmed a fine.

According to JYP Entertainment, the Seoul Western District Court recently fined 3 million won for violating the Information and Communication Network Act and the Information Protection Act

The court said, “The defendant complained about the victim (Lee Joon-ho) in the online community and posted false information several times. As a result, the Defendant defamed the Victim by publicly stating false information through the information and communication network for the purpose of slandering the Victim,” he admitted to the Defendant’s charges of defamation.

In response to these results, JYP Entertainment said, “We will continue to take strong measures without looking at unfounded false information and malicious posts about artists,” stressing that we will no longer look at insulting comments and false information 광주호스트바

Since the war against haters began in earnest, haters have been fined and have produced significant results. In particular, there was a time when legal responses were criticized by saying, “Bad comments are better than no-comments” and “Bad comments are affection,” but recently, more and more stars have declared a strong response through reports and monitoring through fans.

Malicious comments are no longer an inadvertent mistake. I hope these legal consequences will help stars continue their activities in the future and result in a change in the comment culture

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