Chuu’s official fandom name has been confirmed

Chuu’s official fandom name has been confirmed The meaning of the flower garden that protects fans


Singer and broadcaster CHUU makes “Kkoti” with fans.

The agency ATRP said on the 28th, “Choo’s official fandom name has been confirmed as KKOTI.”

Earlier, Chuu drew attention by posting mysterious videos containing the storytelling of the official fandom name on its official SNS channel from the 21st, followed by teaser images showing its relationship with KUKAA.

Chuu’s official fan club name Koti means house in Finnish, meaning flower roots, flower houses that protect flowers, and flower gardens. Flowers symbolizing the official light stick, Kukka, represent Chu’s fans who are gathered together, taking root in a space called Kkoti.

The official light stick Kuka means flower in Finnish, and Koti is the owner of the space and the one that takes root in Koti.

Chuu is sweeping advertisements with a fresh and lively charm and a healthy image representing the honest MZ generation, and continues to be a trend by showing his presence in various entertainment and contents

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