Harry Kane

Munich finally negotiates to recruit Harry Kane

Munich finally negotiates to recruit Harry Kane Tottenham Hotspur fans are already resigned

Harry Kane

England’s “Guardian” said on the 27th (Korea Standard Time), “Tottenham Hotspur fans resigned to the transfer of Harry Kane. This will have a significant impact on Enje Postecoglou’s debut season. In the English Premier League (EPL) last season, only Elling Holland (36 goals) scored more goals than Kane (30 goals). Some argue that Kane was more impressive than Holland,” he reported.

“The problem now is Kane’s future. Bayern Munich favor Kane the most. The transfer fee will be agreed before the deadline of next month. Of course, negotiations will not be easy. Munich prepares to sell Sadio Mane to raise funds. Kane seems to be the perfect replacement for Robert Lewandowski, he said, sparking the transfer family.

Britain’s “Sky Sports” also said, “Kane has only one year left until his contract expires and he can leave on a free agent next summer. Munich are more confident that they will be able to sign Kane this summer. “I believe I can recruit him if the transfer fee is agreed,” he reported.

“According to Florian Flettenberg, Munich CEO Jan Christian Drisen and Munich Technical Director Marco Nepe want to meet Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy within this week. Munich are also not worried about Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) interest. Kane has a chance to talk to Munich and I’m sure Munich wants him to join,” he added.

Britain’s “mirror” also shed light on the same news, saying, “Munich is hoping to sign Kane and is preparing for a third offer following two rejected offers. CEO Drisen and Neppe Technical Director remain in Germany to broker Kane’s transfer. Munich are ready to break the transfer record to make Kane a reality,” he said, explaining the situation in detail

Tottenham ended up without a goal last season. Hishalisson, Yves Vijima and Ivan Perisic were ambitiously recruited, but all efforts were in vain. Tottenham have been eliminated from the English Premier League (EPL), the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup), the English FA Cup, and the UCL.

Unlike his team, Kane is leaving a mark. Following Elling Holland last season, he not only showed off his robustness as the second-largest EPL goal (30 goals) but also rose to the ranks of “Tottenham’s most goals scored (280 goals in 435 matches).” Considering Tottenham’s sluggishness, it is a more surprising record.

The same is true on the international stage. Kane is breaking the record for the most goals scored by the England national team (58 goals in 84 matches). He is a world-class striker in name and reality.

However, the only stain mentioned is the winning career. Rumors of a transfer continue with the end of the season as he will soon enter his 30s and his contract is nearing its expiration

After two years, the course of action is shaking again. In fact, Kane was also likely to leave in 2021. Manchester City, which needed a world-class striker, approached. At that time, Chairman Levi blocked the love call, demanding as much as 150 million pounds (about 245.9 billion won).

It’s different now from then. There is a risk of losing it for free as there is only one year left in the contract. Munich approached Kane like that. Some even reported that they agreed on personal conditions. It was shocking news because Kane was aiming for the “record of most goals in the EPL.”

But Munich is serious. After saying goodbye to Robert Lewandowski, who became attached to him last summer, he is in trouble over the front-line striker. He recruited Sadio Mane from Liverpool, but he was full of disappointments inside and outside the ground. Kane, who has been active as a world-class striker for a long time, is the best option.

Kane also seems to have already left his mind. According to the British Daily Mail, Kane said before the end of the season, “I’ve been trying to help the team as much as possible. An important summer is coming. Many changes are needed to succeed again,” he said. Tottenham claims to be different, but it drew attention for its nuance close to saying goodbye.

In the end, Kane is shaken because Tottenham has been struggling without spectators for a long time. If he had won the English FA Cup, the EFL Cup, or the Europa Conference League (UECL), let alone the league title full of strong opponents, he would not have reached the current situation

Munich is such an ideal club. Winning the German Bundesliga and the DFB Pokal Cup will be achieved like a meal. The UEFA Champions League (UCL) has also won six times. It is also a club that has achieved “continental treble” twice in the 2012-13 and 2019-20 seasons.

Kane, who is desperate for a trophy, and Munich, who is desperate for a striker. Rumors of a transfer are gaining momentum as the interests of the two sides match. “Kane is the number one striker target inside Munich,” Flettenberg said. Munich were signalled that Kane would prefer them. Munich’s leadership is planning the next step, he said, adding that he is stepping up efforts to secure the contract.

The hotly unfolding Kane transfer story. Experts in the transfer market are also divided. Sky Sports’ Michael Bridge said, “Tottenham is not selling Kane. “For Tottenham chairman Levi, Kane will be a Tottenham player next season as well,” he said, looking down on the possibility. On the other hand, “Telegraph” Jeremy Wilson is completely different from 2021. This time, the contract is only one year away. Chairman Levy will decide carefully,” he said, signaling a different aspect

Son Heung-min, a “soul partner,” also mentioned Kane. According to England’s Football London, when Son Heung-min was asked about Kane during the pre-season tour, he said, “Kane is fantastic. Always professional and do your best. It doesn’t reveal what it thinks of itself. “It won’t be easy because there’s too much news going around, but he’s currently a captain and he’s with the team,” he said.

“Kane is not distracted and likes to be here. I love Kane as a player and I have full respect for him. He is one of the best strikers in the world for five, six, and seven consecutive years. The decision will be made by the club and Kane, and we must respect it,” he added.

He also said, “Kane is a player who always does his best. He is a great example for the club. I can’t say anything because I don’t know anything. Maybe even Kane doesn’t know. You just have to wait. Playing with Kane is always fun and happy. “There’s a lot to learn from watching him train,” he said, guaranteeing that Kane will not be swayed by rumors of a transfer.

Kane, who has been with Tottenham for a long time, from the club’s youth to the world class. With the twilight years of his career approaching, he is at a critical juncture to decide on his next career. After the expiration of the contract, one of the three options is to pursue remaining in the EPL, enter the German stage by joining Munich, or remain in Tottenham and leave his mark as a living legend

Last season, Munich managed to secure the Meisterchale (German Bundesliga title). In the final round of the season, he managed to bring down Dortmund and became a champion. That would have been impossible if Mainz, led by Lee Jae-sung, had not caught Dortmund 토토사이트 순위

The desperate Munich and Thomas Tuchel are busily moving around the transfer market. He was the first to strengthen his defense. Luca Hernandez left for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Kim Min-jae was recruited. Munich jumped in late to recruit Kim Min-jae, which was joined by Manchester United, Newcastle United, Chelsea and PSG, but eventually closed the deal.

The next target is Walker. He grew up in Tottenham Hotspur and then spread his wings in Manchester City. Recently, however, the future has been shaking rapidly. In particular, speculation is circulating that the part that was not able to play as a starter during the last UCL final Inter Milan match led to “unhappy.”

There was also a possibility that Manchester City and Munich could trade Walker for Benjamin Pavar. Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the European football transfer market, said Romano, “Man City have put Pavar on the priority list as a new right-back candidate. The deal has progressed, but has not yet been completed. “Munich and Manchester City will discuss Pavar and Walker,” he explained.

Rumors circulated that Walker could head to Munich, but Pep Guardiola vowed to make efforts to stay in Walker. Munich plans to challenge the historic “treble” once again, looking at Kane and Walker following Kim Min-jae

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