I called in Kai Soto of the Philippines, who is looking at the basketball

I called in Kai Soto of the Philippines, who is looking at the basketball World Cup, not the Asian Cup.


The Philippines was looking further away.

The Philippines has been preparing to compete in the FIBA Asia 2021 window 3 at the Inspire Sports Academy in Calamba, Laguna, since the 10th (local time) 안전한놀이터

They are pushing ahead with their training schedules despite various pressures such as cancellation of the preliminary round due to the Korona19 strain virus and travel restrictions.

“The qualifying tournament in Clark has been canceled, but window 3 can go on,” said an official at the Philippine Basketball Federation (SBP. I hope you find a solution. “We will continue to prepare.

The Philippines, which won all the games in the last window 2 by sending new artists with little experience in international competitions. However, as South Korea, the “eternal enemy,” will participate this time, it could be humiliated if it goes forward like that.

After Kipper Ravenna and Angelo Cuame joined the advance team, Roger Fogoy and Troy Rosario entered the later stage to build elite members and prepare for the Korean match.

Currently, the Philippines operates a team that combines the present and future, looking not only at this window 3, but also at the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in its own country. Their goal is not the Asian Cup right in front of them. It is expected to succeed in the World Cup by selecting the best members through harmony between new and old.

The key point is Kai Soto, who is currently a member of the G-League Ignite. He is a promising player with the term “second Yao Ming” as his tall height of 219 centimeters (there is news that his height is bigger now.

He has no experience in the adult national team, but he is likely to play in the window 3. He has not joined Laguna Calamba yet, but he is determined.

“Kai (Soto) will join Bubble no matter where we proceed with Window 3. “We are in talks to help him participate in the training as soon as possible,” he said. “If we learn the system we are pursuing and work with our colleagues, we believe that we will be able to compete not only in the window3, but also in the Asian Cup finals and the World Cup.”

If Soto joins the Philippines, a showdown with Korean rising star Yeo Joon-seok could be a big concern. South Korea and the Philippines will face each other twice in this window 3. The competition between the two promising players, who have something in common with studying basketball, is another attraction.

Soto and Yeo Joon-seok have participated in the 2018 FIBA Asian U18 Men’s Basketball Championship as national players.Unfortunately, they could not face each other. Soto led the Philippines to the semifinals, and Yeo Jun-seok had to feel the pain of being eliminated from the quarterfinals.

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