I’ll show you how to choose a good egg and how to store it.

I’ll show you how to choose a good egg and how to store it.


Some eggs are brown, some are white, but why?

It depends on the variety of chickens. Isn’t it in the song “Calf Stained Calf”? The eggs produced by the brown-colored chicken are brown, and the eggs produced by the white-haired chicken is white 비아그라구매

Brown eggs are native eggs produced by native chickens, and white eggs are imported eggs produced by exotic species.

Brown, white, or spawning systems are all varieties that have been improved by global breeding companies and delivered to farms around the world, all of which are foreign to us. Just because the native chicken’s fur was brown, it is naive to consider the current brown chicken as a native chicken. Native chickens are now endangered because they have been neglected by farmers due to their lack of profitability. Native chickens eat more food than the exotic spawning system, but the number of eggs they lay in a year was only half and the size was small. Eggs produced by native chickens cannot be in the market. The fact that brown eggs are native is, in a good way, a once-popular “SHANTOBUL” marketing, and in a bad way, a scam of businessmen.

I heard that there is a nutritional difference between brown and white eggs.

Every living thing in the world is different. People are the same in a big frame, but they are different in height, face shape, hand shape, and nutritional status. Aren’t some vegetables grown in the same field good and poor? That’s the difference. As white eggs are imported, the nutritional difference between brown and white eggs is often referred to as an extension of “SHAINTOBUL marketing.” It means that almost all of the scattering systems currently distributed to poultry farms in Korea are brown, so that’s.

Why did Korean poultry farmers bring brown chickens when there is no nutritional difference?

It must be the importer’s mind and the farm’s mind. However, if you read the other side, you might have been trying to find a connection with native chickens. When I first brought in an exotic chicken, it’s similar to the native chicken I’ve seen so far, so I don’t have to explain it to the customers, and they won’t feel unfamiliar. Also, in terms of technology, the skin of the white egg is slightly thinner than the brown egg, so you have to be more careful, and the color makes foreign substances easily noticeable.

It’s because of the foreign substance, but there is also an argument about washed eggs and not eggs. Which egg is fresher and more hygienic?

It’s a little complicated. It’s also an argument that has grown due to the interests of the parties involved. In the United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and Sweden, eggs are washed with water before packaging. The move is aimed at eliminating bacteria that cause food poisoning, such as salmonella, which may have been buried in chicken feces. However, in Europe, except Sweden, they do not wash, and instead require the spawning community to be vaccinated. It could be worse if you wash it in the wrong way. There are countries that force cleaning like this, and countries that ban it, but the problem is to cite the essence as it is comfortable.

It is true that unwashed eggs can be stored at room temperature because a protective shield called cuticles prevents bacterial infiltration into the egg shell, and washed eggs should be refrigerated. However, it is only one side that claims that unwashed eggs are more hygienic than washed eggs, or that washed eggs are more hygienic than unwashed eggs because they have washed away foreign substances.

It should also be said that countries that enforce cleaning do not just enforce cleaning, but also manage distribution such as storage methods, and in Europe, which prohibit washing, they are required to vaccinate the spawning community to block salmonella. This debate should be seen as a battle between the existing poultry industry and the new ones. Whether it’s a North American wash or a European vaccine, it’s a no-problem food if you follow the regulations. The government should strengthen supervision of management at related government offices.

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