Kim Kyung-hwa

Kim Kyung-hwa wants to lose weight and lose weight

Kim Kyung-hwa wants to lose weight and lose weight, but she wants to eat it.

Kim Kyung-hwa

Kim Kyung-hwa, an announcer-turned-broadcaster, fell into agony between her obsession with diet and her appetite.

Kim Kyung-hwa posted a message and a photo of “comfort of sweetness” on her Instagram on Tuesday.

The photo shows Kim Kyung-hwa in agony while looking at macarons at a late hour. Even in the natural atmosphere, Kim Kyung-hwa boasts a beautiful beauty.

Kim Kyung-hwa added, “I want to lose weight terribly, but I want to eat more terribly.” It’s too much to eat macarons because it’s late at night. Kim Kyung-hwa’s facial expression, which is in a dilemma of diet and appetite, evokes laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Kyung-hwa played the role of Kim Mi-young in the recently ended SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Fly for the Sky.”

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