Azar Yana

Azar Yana, you know, I was in Casano Real because of Nutella

Azar Yana, you know, I was in Casano Real because of Nutella, which was given to me by an overweight club.

Azar Yana

“Because of stress, I kept eating Nutella, a club-sponsored product.”

Spain’s “Marca” reported on the 28th (Korea time) that “Antonio Cassano said it was because he ate too much Nutella, the club’s sponsor, because of his weight management failure during Real Madrid 토토사이트

Bad boy Cassano left the team for Real after a brilliant performance at AS Roma. He was highly anticipated, but was pushed back from the starting competition with players such as Ronaldo and Raul. His ability is also a skill, but Na Tae-hwan’s attitude in life led to failure.

Cassano, in particular, suffered from severe overweight during Real. He suffered from a failure of self-control. Interestingly, Cassano recalled that the Real club also provided a one-day job for his overweight. He claimed that the club’s sponsors made him obese.

Cassano said, “I lost 12 kilograms right after I moved to Real. “Since Fabio Capello came, I’ve been in my best condition, scoring two goals in the first two games,” he said. “The problem is that Capello left me out after one game was sluggish.” “That’s why I had a disagreement with Capello.

The conflict with Capello gave Cassano a lot of stress. He chose binge eating to relieve stress. Cassano said, “Just in time, Real signed a sponsorship deal with Nutella. So I gave 5kg worth of products to the players every month.

Cassano said, “To relieve the stress of conflict and competition with Capello, I started to grab a nutella can and scoop it with a spoon. Nothing else mattered. “I’m really sorry to Capello now that I think about it.

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