Tottenham fan site “Spursweb” was furious by rating all

Tottenham fans’ anger, Liverpool players’ ratings are amazing, so there’s a couple of points, and Bale doesn’t even have a rating.


Tottenham fans were furious when Tottenham lost to Liverpool 1-3 on the 29th (Korea time) 카지노사이트

Tottenham fan site “Spursweb” was furious by rating all Tottenham players who played on the day.

Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris also scored only three out of ten.

Seriju Duck, who left the stadium in a rage when he was replaced in the second half after the first half, also gave a close score of three points.

Joe Rodon was relatively good with six points. He was evaluated as the best defense in the first half.

Eric Dier was given the worst score of 2 points.

Ben Davis was given three points. In the first half, he held on well, but collapsed in the second half.

Matt Doherty also got two points. He said, “I only kicked the ball throughout the game.”

Pierre-Emil Hoybier gave the team its highest rating of seven points. He said he played the best in midfield.

Thanggui gave Dombele five points. He said he played confusedly in the first half and did nothing in the second half.

Steven Verbain was given five points. He played a difficult role relatively well.”

He gave Son six points. He said he had a good chance in the first half, but disappeared in the second half.

He also gave Harry Kane six points.

Eric Lamela scored only three points. He was criticized for not doing anything even though he was deployed in the second half.

He gave Harry Winks four points, saying he was not used to the game.

Gareth Bale, who was substituted at the end of the second half, did not score any points, saying he was not the target of evaluation.

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