Toronto Mart’s winning & LAA recruitment waiver, finally heading Mets

Toronto Mart’s winning & LAA recruitment waiver, finally heading for the Mets?


Will Trevor Bauer, 30, the biggest FA starter, eventually head to the New York Mets?

Major League Baseball official media predicted on the 28th that the Mets, who traded starter Steven Martz to the Toronto Blue Jays, are likely to recruit Bauer 먹튀사이트

By sending Mats to Toronto, the Mets secured a spot in the starting rotation and saved $5.2 million in payrolls. On top of that, he naturally succeeded in excluding potential bower recruitment competitors by giving Toronto a somewhat satisfactory starting pitcher, who was aiming to reinforce the starting lineup.

In fact, Toronto almost achieved its off-season goals by recruiting George Springer, who broke the club’s all-time record (6 years and 150 million dollars), as well as bringing Kirby Yates, Marcus Semien and Mats. “The big deal is over,” said Mark Shapiro, president of the club, hinting that Toronto would withdraw from the Bauer campaign.

The Los Angeles Angels, which was considered Bauer’s most likely destination, is also unexpectedly quiet. The U.S. media MLB Trade Romance predicted, “The Angels are not 0% likely to recruit Bauer, but they will not actively seek to recruit him.”

The media said, “It is clear that Bauer’s high ransom is also why the Angels are not active in recruiting.” Angels’ budget doesn’t seem to be enough to bring Bauer. Also, pitching coach Mickey Kellaway and Bauer didn’t get along well when they were playing for Cleveland, explaining why the Angels were passive in recruiting Bauer.

Due to various circumstances, the possibility of Bauer heading to the Mets is very high. “The biggest obstacle for the Mets to sign Bauer is the luxury tax ($210 million). “Before the Matz Trade, the Mets had about $27 million to the dead body standard,” he said.

“The Mats trade does not necessarily mean a deal between the Mets and Bauer,” said Mark Paynesand. But the possibilities are certainly open. “The Mets secured an additional $5.2 million, and we’ve got a spot in the starting lineup,” Bauer said.

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