I don’t feel any pleasure in my 20s when it comes to erectile dysfunction

I don’t feel any pleasure in my 20s when it comes to erectile dysfunction


Q: I’m a man in his 20s. Since high school, I’ve been watching racy videos every day and doing self-defense. One day, I had two or three stomach pains and I was tired every day even if I had enough rest. My legs are weak, too. It’s been about a year and eight months since I experienced these symptoms.

The problem is that I can’t get an erection in the morning, and the pepper doesn’t stand when I want to. Still. I went to a nearby urologist for an erection test, and there was no abnormality in the blood vessel, but I couldn’t get an erection in the event of electrical stimulation. Prostate inflammation was also tested, but no inflammation was found.

The spiral muscles are relaxed and blood is concentrated to form an erection, but the spiral muscles are constantly contracting, so it doesn’t seem to stand. Even if you masturbate, there is little pleasure in circumstances.

My bowels don’t come out well either. I feel like the anus muscles are very stiff. I think it’s because of the tibia muscles.

I’m lethargic and not motivated to live every day. I slept more than 24 hours yesterday, but I don’t feel refreshed.

A: Self-defense alone is difficult to judge erectile dysfunction in your 20s, but excessive stimulation can cause erectile dysfunction, so be careful.

Heavy and uncomfortable cones are symptoms of contracting the autonomous nerves that control the prostate. If you pay a lot of attention, not because of self-defense, you will contract your autonomous nerves. If it continues, anxiety, shame, guilt, etc. will become more severe, leading to autonomous neurological disorders. First of all, take it easy. It’s a phenomenon that happens with excessive care. The more you pay attention, the worse the symptoms get 정품비아그라

The phenomenon that I don’t feel pleasant during the situation seems to have dulled my senses for myself every day. It’ll get better if you gradually reduce the number of circumstances.

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