Kim Garam

I saw what Kim Garam is doing these days

I saw what Kim Garam is doing these days

Kim Garam

The writer claimed, “Kim Garam, who is currently being asked to leave, has suspended his activities for about a month so far, but based on his recent status, he is not active, but still comes out well at the company and signs his fans.”

As proof of this, the writer released a photo of an overseas fan posting on the fan community an album photo containing the autographs of all six members, including Kim Ga-ram.

Overseas fan A told the community, “Kim Garam seems to be practicing at work and nothing has changed. I don’t think we need to worry,” he said.

Another international fan also certified a handwritten album from Kim Ga-ram on Twitter.

Earlier, Kim Ga-ram raised controversy over school violence even before his debut, causing many issues.

Victim A, who claims to have suffered school violence from Kim Garam, said in a statement from the law firm, “I was assaulted by Kim Garam and his friends in late April to early May 2018, and I transferred to another school one or two weeks after the incident.”

“Since June 4, 2018, the School Violence Countermeasures Committee (School Violence Committee) has been held, and Kim Garam, a student who committed school violence, has been subject to six hours of special education and five hours of special education for parents under Article 17 (1) 5 of the Act.”

Kim Garam’s agency, Hive, rather says Kim Garam is a victim of school violence.

Hive said, “The school violence committee began when A, who claims to be a victim, took a picture of his friend wearing only his underwear at school without permission and publicly posted it on a social network service under another friend’s name.” Rather, he pointed out his friends who protested to him as perpetrators and referred them to the school violence committee, and he transferred to another school. As a result, Kim Ga-ram and a friend were punished by the school violence committee.

“Kim Ga-ram has been attacked by all kinds of rumors and has been having psychological difficulties,” he said adding, “I decided to stop activities for a while and focus on healing my injured mind.” Until Kim Garam returns from recovery, Reseraphim plans to work as a five-member system for the time being, he said.

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