Werner a baseball player appeared in LA Dodgers uniform

Werner a baseball player appeared in LA Dodgers uniform


Chelsea striker Timo Werner suddenly appeared in a baseball uniform.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, a prestigious Major League Baseball (MLB), released a photo of Timo Werner wearing a uniform at the Dodgers’ home stadium on their official SNS. The post also said, “Same blue, welcome Werner from Chelsea to the Dodgers!”

Of course, Werner didn’t change his job to a baseball player. Werner suddenly wore a baseball uniform because Chelsea owner Todd Boelli is the co-owner of the LA Dodgers. Boelli, who officially took over as Chelsea’s owner last month, is a businessman who has owned the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2012.

Werner is known to be in the U.S. to enjoy his vacation in the off-season, and he visited the home stadium of the Dodgers, another club of the owner of Boelli, to take pictures with a small event.

The fans are reacting to Werner’s move in various ways. Some say that they are spending their vacation well and that baseball uniforms look good on them, but most of them mock Werner. Some fans mocked Werner, saying, “The crowd across from him should be careful not to get hit by Werner’s ball.”

It was a shot at Werner’s poor decisiveness. Werner has already spent his second season with Chelsea. However, it is said that it is still insufficient to make decisions to take charge of Chelsea’s front line. In his first season, the 2020-21 season, he joined in the middle of the season and scored six goals in the league, but in the 2021-22 season, he scored only four goals in the league.

Although it lacks decision-making power, it also left a disappointment in penetrating the back space. Werner enjoys aiming for the opponent’s back space and half space with his quick feet and penetration ability. However, in the 2020-21 season, he recorded a total of 26 offside in the league, and in the last season, he committed 11 offside, but he has not yet fully adapted to the English Premier League (EPL) 토토사이트

Meanwhile, Chelsea is keen to recruit strikers ahead of next season on behalf of resources that lack decisive power, including Werner, Romelu Lukaku, and Christian Pulisic. Chelsea are reportedly preparing to recruit Raheem Sterling and Lautaro Martinez.

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