I wanted to take a rest, but I was drawn to the script

I wanted to take a rest, but I was drawn to the script.


Actors Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah and Kim Hye-eun revealed the reason for appearing on “The Road.”

The production presentation of tvN’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama “The Road: 1 Tragedy” (directed by Yoon Hee-jung, directed by Kim No-won, hereinafter “The Road”) was broadcast live online to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections (Corona 19). Producer Kim No-won, Ji Jin-hee, Yoon Se-ah and Kim Hye-eun attended the event.

Ji Jin-hee said, “I wanted to rest a lot and it was hard, but as soon as I saw the script, I was attracted to ‘Huh?'” It was not an easy script, and I could read it one more time to get it right. How can I do it? I thought it would be a great work if it could be expressed. The director’s confidence was greatly touched. So in the end, I couldn’t help but do it. My role here is actually a bit of a challenge. I’m going to show you something that I’ve never shown before. There was a little fear, but the director gave me strength. ‘Then I am grateful. I’ll do my best,’ he said. Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-eun, Chun Ho-jin, and Baek Ji-won were forced to do so. “As expected, I made a good choice.”

Yoon Se-ah said, “I can’t forget the thrill when I read the first and second parts of the script. I think Ji Jin-hee and Kim Hye-eun’s presence is the biggest reason for choosing the work. It was a must-have work.” Kim Hye-eun also said, “I decided not to read the script. I went to Jeju Island to live for a month, and the CEO of the production company came to Jeju Island. While we were talking about this and that over dinner, my gut told me that I would do it without looking at the script. So I came to Seoul and read the script, and I thought I was wrong. My role was so strong that I looked at the script a few times, and I hated my role and I loved the work. I thought about what to do and thought I should take responsibility for the words, so I tried to work on the work and keep my promise, so I studied too late. “I have felt many limitations as an actor, and through this work, it was an opportunity to overcome unexpected limitations little by little 광주호스트바

“The Road” is a mystery drama that depicts a story where a terrible and tragic event takes place on a heavy rain night and secrets intertwined like silence, avoidance, and thread inevitably lead to another tragedy. Ji Jin-hee as Baek Soo-hyun, Baek Soo-hyun’s wife Yoon Se-ah as Seo Eun-soo, and Kim Hye-eun as Cha Seo-young, a late-night news announcer, will perform three-dimensional performances looking deep into the abyss of each character.

“The Road” features an exciting psychological battle that will make you forget the heat. All of the Royal the Hill people, who live in the top 1% of the drama, wear a mask of hypocrisy and fall into a significant and fierce psychological warfare where “what is true and false” is unknown. In addition, expectations are high as it will be driven by tragedy and reversal.

“The Road” will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on the 4th.

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