It smells like vaginitis uterus during pregnancy

It smells like vaginitis uterus during pregnancy


Q: The vagina stinks. Even if I go to the hospital to get treatment, I’m still pregnant, so I’m cautious about taking medicine. Can the vaginitis smell disappear naturally during pregnancy? Will the smell of the uterus get worse if left unattended? Is there any way to treat the baby without any problems?

A: I don’t know how advanced the pregnancy is now, but there is a risk of infection spreading into the uterus if left untreated for vaginitis. It is recommended that you visit the gynecologist as soon as possible because it can be solved only by local treatment so that it does not harm the baby.

Vaginitis is a condition that occurs when your body is tired or in bad condition due to excessive noise sequence, stress, or other symptoms such as itching, stench, stinging, soreness, hip and hip discomfort.

There are various types of inflammatory bacteria, so it is better to get proper treatment for the type of bacteria after a gynecological examination rather than using the drugs arbitrarily.

A few days of medication can improve your symptoms, but care should be taken as there is a possibility of recurrence.

Occasionally, it can improve itself without treatment, but it can progress chronically depending on the type of inflammation. Chlamydia can cause fatal aftereffects, such as infertility, if not treated properly.

To prevent vaginitis, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear and to wear plenty of well-ventilated clothes instead of tight ones. Wash it often or wash it with soap, which can cause inflammation, so be careful. It is also important to develop your body’s immunity with regular exercise, proper nutrition, and plenty of rest.

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