There’s a lump in the uterus. Do I have to get a uterine

There’s a lump in the uterus. Do I have to get a uterine myoma surgery?


Q: I’m a working woman. I went to the gynecologist for an irregular hemorrhage that appeared a few days ago, and they said there was a lump in the uterus. They say you need a uterine myoma. I thought it was just stress. It’s hard to be hospitalized because I’m currently working. I can’t be away for a long time because I’m busy with my work. Wouldn’t it take a long time to recover even if you take sick leave and operate? Do I have to remove it?

A: The symptoms of a lump in the uterus are called uterine myoma. It’s a benign tumor, so it’s not a disease that’s directly related to life, but depending on the size and number of tumors, symptoms such as blood loss, menstruation, pelvic pain, and anemia can occur. Also, it is recommended to receive treatment because it can cause infertility and infertility.

Treatment methods include surgical treatment (liparoscopic) and non-surgical treatment (hypu) 정품비아그라

Laparoscopic surgery is a method of removing lesions by inserting special equipment into the incised area with minimal incision and monitoring. It has the advantage of being able to be removed immediately, but it takes time for the body to recover because it must be hospitalized. In addition, complications or aftereffects may occur and damage normal endometrial tissue may occur.

Hyposis is a method of collecting high-intensity ultrasound energy into a single point and eliminating tumors only. Since it is carried out without incision, it is quick to return to daily life and has the advantage of preserving and treating the uterus as much as possible.

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