Walker shows off his winning medal ahead of EPL

Walker shows off his winning medal ahead of EPL opening in sweet dreams.


Kyle Walker of Manchester City asked for a sweet nap.

Manchester City released the video on the club’s channel on the 2nd (Korea time), saying, “Walker took a nap ahead of the new season.” In the video, Walker was closing his eyes with three English Premier League (EPL) medals around his neck, and the moments of his last win passed quickly.

Walker from England is the best lightback in the EPL. Walker joined Tottenham Hotspur last summer through Sheffield United Youth. Since then, he has gained experience by renting Queens Park Rangers and Aston Villa, and has joined the first team since the 2011-12 season.

Walker destroyed the right-hand line based on his fast focus. He was an outstanding player in both offense and defense due to his active activity. Having held an unrivaled starting position at Tottenham, he appeared in 229 official matches and scored four goals and 20 assists.

Walker’s shares naturally soared and were listed on Manchester City’s roster, which dominated the 2010s. Walker, who wanted to win the championship trophy, made a surprise move to Man City in the summer of 2017 for 52.7 million euros.

Walker took over the starting position in Manchester City without an adaptator. He played 30 games in the EPL every season, giving him a worthwhile play. Walker, who played all three hundred and four hundred positions, has become an indispensable player.

Along with Manchester City, Walker has won numerous honors. He has won three EPL titles, one England FA Cup, four England Football League Cup titles and two FA Community Shield titles. Although he was nothing in Tottenham, he achieved everything he wanted in Manchester City.

The only thing left is winning the UEFA Champions League. Manchester City made it to the UCL final in the 2020-21 season, but ended up in a 0-1 defeat to Chelsea. Walker played in every game except for the two group matches, but he held back tears.

The fans who watched the video sent a message of support to Walker, saying, “It’s time to dream of UCL.” Walker, who is having a successful career, will now be on the ground again for the rest of his career.

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