If Manchester United fails to enter Tottenham’s top four

If Manchester United fails to enter Tottenham’s top four with confidence, it can recruit 156.4 billion strikers.


Tottenham’s Harry Kane (29) is drawing attention from Manchester United.

British media Daily Mail reported on the 6th (Korea Standard Time), “If Tottenham misses the top four spots, Manchester United is confident that it can recruit Kane,” adding, “Kane and Manchester United have already contacted.”

“There is continuous speculation surrounding Kane’s future. He added, “There is a slim chance that Tottenham will win the trophy again this season.”

According to the British media The Sun, Manchester United is full of confidence to recruit Kane. It is also predicted that the required price of 100 million pounds (about 156.4 billion won) can be lowered.

The media said, “Manchester United also gained confidence in recruiting after hearing the answer they received after contacting Kane.”

Kane is a former Tottenham youth and has been active at Tottenham except for loan since he came to the adult stage.

Kane is the best striker in the Premier League in name and reality. It is one of the best in the world. He is steadily performing every year. He has scored 20 goals and four assists in a total of 36 games this season. In particular, the team’s main strikers, including Son Heung-min, Hishalisson and Dejan Klusevsky, have all been away in the aftermath of injuries, but Kane has been leading the team by keeping the front line.

But he still doesn’t have a trophy. He failed to reach the top of the cup tournament along with the league. He also did not win the championship with the England national team.

As a result, there are rumors that he can move to a team with a high possibility of winning and stand at the top. In particular, rumors of a transfer have become more concrete as his contract ends in June 2024. The name was mentioned as Bayern Munich and Man Trend.

Tottenham is not easy to challenge for the top this season either. He is currently in fourth place in the English Premier League, and Liverpool and Newcastle United have a fierce chase.

On top of that, rumors have recently emerged that coach Antonio Conte could leave Tottenham. This is why Kane may leave Tottenham 파워볼게임

“If Tottenham does not play in the UEFA Champions League, Manchester United will be able to bring Kane more easily,” the Daily Mail said.

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