Mnet will have a dance competition this year as well

Mnet will have a dance competition this year as well Producing a follow-up to the Swoofas Manpa.


CJ ENM music channel Mnet has begun preparations to produce a new dance survival program.

According to the E-Daily report on the 7th, Mnet is working on launching a new “Street Dance” series. It is known that it is planning a program with the goal of organizing it in the second half of this year. The concept of female dancers appearing as performers is likely, but there is room for changes in the gender composition of the cast depending on the situation.

Mnet hit the jackpot in August 2021 by introducing “Street Woman Fighter” (Supa), which depicts the competition of female dance crews. Throughout the broadcast, “Swoopa” caused a dance craze by maintaining its top position in the content influence index (CPI). Including Honey J of the winning crew Holly Bang, a number of performers, including Aiki, Monica, Nose, and Li Jung, quickly rose to stardom.

In November of the same year, shortly after the end of “Swoopa,” Mnet launched “Street Dance Girls Fighter” (Sirlpa), which contains dance competitions between high school girl dance crews. In addition, in August last year, the men’s dance crew survival “Street Man Fighter” (Smanpa) was introduced, continuing the dance craze. In addition, Mnet focused on securing related IPs by introducing various dance-based programs such as “Ttukttak’s Counterattack” and “Bmbissus” as well as the “Street Dance” series under the goal of “K Dance Globalization.”

Mnet is currently broadcasting a documentary “BORN TO DANCE” that sheds light on the lives of dancers, and continues to operate the YouTube channel “The ChOOM” that deals with dance content. Attention is focusing on whether the new “Street Dance” series will drive the dance content market again this year.

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