500 million

I’ll give you 500 million won for a date with a conglomerate

I’ll give you 500 million won for a date with a conglomerate, a sponsor broker, and a beautiful comedian, Maeng Seung-ji

500 million

Comedian Maeng Seung-ji publicly shot and criticized the broker who sent the sponsor proposal DM (direct message).

Maeng Seung-ji stuffed her Instagram story with a DM she received from a sponsor broker on the 17th.

The broker said to Maeng Seung-ji, “I am contacting you because I have a request. A man in his 20s from a Chinese-Singaporean conglomerate currently living in Korea is contacting you. They say they can give you about 500 million won for a date. It is said that money is paid in advance when they meet, and is possible by cash or check. Do you have any intention of responding?” he boldly suggested an inappropriate meeting, which shocked him.

Angry at this, Maeng Seung-ji shot him as a “hot-blooded person,” and said, “Let’s donate 500 million won to a difficult place.”

In addition, “I’m sending you this message because it’s my ideal type. I carefully ask if I can date 2-4 times a month for 1-2 hours at a time. “I’ll take care of you every time I meet you.” “I’m working as a broker to introduce financially talented people and women, such as chairmen of large companies, hidden talents, and foreign investors, so I gave you a DM to propose to them.”

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