Loopim Mirena Kylina I’m going to explain about the roof Especially

Loopim Mirena Kylina


I’m going to explain about the roof Especially Mirae and J.D. I’ll compare the new Kylie. For the loop inside the uterus, if you look at the uterus in the form of a stamp, it looks like this. It’s not old, but it’s big at the top and concave at the bottom So, the inside of the uterus is shaped like a team leader. So that the meat can fit in well, it comes out in a salty shape. It’s about this big. I think it’s about cm. If you put the loop inside the uterus, it’ll help

PM period is normal copper loop future nakairin no one year, but now Jason is very small and hormone-secreting It’s small. And the contraception period is short. It’s 3 years. So, I want to live a safe life until I get pregnant after giving birth to babies who are still small People like this put in a lot of J-less. So in the past, I used to call out “daguri” in the case of copper loops, I threw away the gastric stele, and this is a mechanism that, when we’re inside the uterus, we have to continue to cause inflammation, weakly, continuously, to do it in the endometrium, and to prevent it from being conceived even if the fertilized egg enters

I have inflammation, but it’s hard to imagine in words. Sometimes there’s a failure rate About 5%… I pray for episode 18 There’s a height inside the uterus Then there’s a 12 in this corner There are times like that In that case, it’s a rule to maintain it. That’s right I put in a rope to use this product, but it doesn’t feel empty. But I’ve seen 1, 2, 3 cases There could be something like that. Yeah, but we’re going to talk about contraception 95%, so you have to use another method of contraception I don’t do that. The good thing is that I can use contraception for 5 years without worrying about it, but in the case of copper loops,

Because it causes inflammation in the inside, my menstrual pain gets worse. There are things that I don’t do unless it’s my period. So there are people who come saying that it’s uncomfortable after putting it high But the trend these days is that I have 5% more hormones than copper Myrena and Kylie are left with the five-year-old hormone loop For Mirena, it’s been a long time since I used this But the good thing about putting in mirena is that it makes it less likely to release hormones People usually have a lot of menstruation, but some people who have severe menstrual pain get better. So I have to use this product, but I want to choose the loop But if I have severe menstrual pain and a lot of menstrual volume,

It’s right to choose Mirena because if you come out in the copper loop, your menstrual pain will get worse and your life will get more alive. So, it’s not suitable as you choose. If you put in the future, life will be very cold So more than 30% of people don’t have their period at all It’s kind of crazy. It’s hard to tell when I had my period. Because it’s been so long since 1 o’clock. So you can control it like that I told you that Mirae is a hormone loop, and the hormone keeps coming out, and what it does is it doesn’t make the inner membrane thick That’s why I don’t have much menstruation What if the inside doesn’t get thick?

Even if the fertilized egg is fixed, there’s no place to put it on The inner membrane gets thickened, and it sticks well, and there’s no place to table it, so there’s a way to prevent recognition, and the other thing is that the hormone that’s secreted makes the small peridural mucus sticky Even if the sperm is about to come up after a relationship, it’s hard to choose when the deposit is turned off and the lubrication is good. It’s hard to choose from in a dry environment There’s a way to block it. You can play a role like that, and you can play a role that you call with physical strength So it’s protected, and you can see a lot of efficiency. In my Mirena’s case, it’s copper, and the size is the same size And because of the side effects, the problem is that Seung-nyang decreases

It’s comfortable and nice, but for those who are sensitive to hormones, there are some managers who get it from hormones So, I feel like my body is sticking a little bit like before menstruation, and the thing I’m craving for sweets the most is irregular bleeding. It’s not my period, but I’m bleeding all the time. I pierced a lot, but I think my period is too long That kind of bleeding can now be repeated for three to six months There are people who remove it because it’s uncomfortable. If it goes over the options, I’ll definitely be able to maintain it well. So that you can pass the meat wisely, I’ll help you a lot Maybe you’re taking the medicine together or you’re looking for a different way to control it

That’s possible. But there are people who use too much weight after waking up I’m complaining of a headache There are people here, too So I don’t think I’m in sync. I’m so tired If you do this, you’re going to do mine If you put it in stock, all those symptoms get better. If you do mine, you can always turn it back There are good things about that, but there are side effects, too China isn’t for treatment like the new Kalina Mirena Mirae and I have the same ingredients It’s a hormone with the same ingredient, but it’s much less, so in my case, it’s only a reduction in the number of rich people that can be caused by hormones Instead, like Mirae, life is reduced, and the effect of shipping menstrual cramps is no longer proven. Seung-nyang’s stem is also reduced But she checked to the point where she could get treatment like I did in the future, so she didn’t get permission for it 강남매직미러

It’s the same thing that gives me strength It’s 5 years and 2pm. The response is good. After that, the hyena is a little small. Uh, there’s a tube that we use to insert The diameter of the tube is thin. So when you put it in, it hurts more. If you’re sensitive, you don’t want to hear it. When you put it in, it hurts less. When you put it in, it might hurt your lower abdomen. There are fewer side effects

So he put in the future, and if you can’t take it out because of the future or side effects, I don’t want to put it in copper because of the fear of the rich hormone side effects, but because of that, he comes in for loop insertion. He’s using it well

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