“I’m grateful to the 5.6 billion FA player for 40 million won a year

“I’m grateful to the 5.6 billion FA player for 40 million won a year.


“(Ahn)I was so grateful to Chihong.”

Oh Yoon-seok (29), one of Lotte’s harvests last season, expressed gratitude and respect for Ahn Chi-hong, who has been a competitor to the second base position and has been a role model. Last year, Lotte recruited Ahn Chi-hong to the second base position, but it was sluggish. However, with Oh Yoon-seok’s appearance, he was able to offset Ahn’s sluggishness and injury gap. At the end of the season, Oh Yoon-seok, who has an annual salary of 40 million won, played more games as the starting second baseman instead of Ahn Chi-hong, the “5.6 billion” FA.

However, An Chi-hong did not show his pride. He thanked Oh Yoon-seok regardless of the changed position last season. Oh Yoon-seok said, “When the players gathered briefly at the end of last year, (An) Chi-hong called me first.” He thanked me first,” he said. “I saw Chi-hong practicing, and I think he’s finally paying off. “It was an opportunity for me to feel more about it,” he said at the end of last year 토토추천사이트

“He told me to contact him whenever I wanted to exercise in the off-season and asked him to ask me whenever he wanted to,” he said. “I also studied a lot while watching Chihong when he was in KIA.” “I thought it was good to be on the same team, but I’m grateful that the player with a good career said good things to me first, and I think I’m learning more.”

In fact, Oh Yoon-seok approaches An Chi-hong’s open mind and takes it as a nourishment for development. “Chi Hong also focuses on his own things, but he’s asking a lot about his batting skills, his posture, and his ability to cope with breaking balls,” he said. “He tells me not to be too perfect.” “They make me feel comfortable saying that I should hit 60 percent when I’m perfect.

Oh Yoon-seok played with a batting average of .298, four home runs, 32 RBIs, and an OPS .811 in 63 games last year. However, he is determined that his position has not changed. “It was an extraordinary season. “I felt that there were things I could do in the first group and gained confidence,” he said. “The situation has not changed in a cold light.” The team did not perform well full-time. I don’t have my seat yet and I have to try. He only hinted at the possibility. We have to work with the same mindset as last season.

The hamstring injury briefly dampened the good momentum in the first team. The defense also did not give itself a high score. “It was a shame that I had a good pace last year due to a hamstring injury. “We did a lot of training, including weight training, so that we could spend less than a season,” he said. “There were many mistakes in defense.” I’m paying attention to that.

The goal is the same because I don’t think the location itself has changed. “I want to prepare well without any injuries and continue to be in the first team,” he said. I want to hear that it is better than last year.

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