Moon Jung-won

Inter-floor noise conflict Moon Jung-won This time, a toy eating

Inter-floor noise conflict Moon Jung-won This time, a toy eating and splashing revelation appears

Moon Jung-won

It has been alleged that comedian Lee Hwi-jae’s wife and florist Moon Jung-won did not pay the price after purchasing a child’s toy in the past. After suffering from noise conflicts between floors earlier, he is now embroiled in a controversy over his toy ‘eat and run’.

On the 15th, various online community bulletin boards are spreading titled “Lee Hwi-jae’s wife Moon Jung-won, the Everland Toy Controversy.” It seems to be a comment left on SNS by a netizen.

“I was beaten by Moon Jung-won in Everland in 2017,” the netizen wrote. “I sold two toys to my child, and it cost 32,000 won, but now I don’t have a wallet.””I’m filling it up because I didn’t come even if I kept waiting until night.”

“It’s my fault that I believed my face was known and I kept waiting until the deadline for the amusement park, but I was innocent because I was young,” he said. “I think Moon Jung-won took a photo of me with your son at the time, and it must have been paid.”

Another netizen said, “This is a crime. If what you said is true, the statute of limitations has not expired, so you can sue and file a complaint. Less than four years have passed in 2017. “I think it could be a crime of fraud because I took advantage of property profits by praying for others,” he replied.

“It is true,” said a netizen who wrote an earlier revelation about Moon. There are about five other employees waiting together at the store. It’s clear that it’s a crime, but I didn’t have the energy to consume it, so I just made it up and handed it over,” he said. “If you lie to the world these days, you’re accused of false accusations. “It’s true.

As the article spreads, interest in the authenticity of the case is increasing.

Earlier, Moon Jung-won was at the center of controversy over the recent protest of noise between floors left by neighbors. Moon Jung-won apologized on his Instagram on the 13th, saying, “My indisputable carelessness is right.”

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