Lee Ha-yan

Up to 38kg of divorce fraud Actor Lee Ha-yan has been sharing

Up to 38kg of divorce fraud.

Lee Ha-yan

Actor Lee Ha-yan has been sharing his updates for the first time in a long time.

On JTBC’s entertainment show “Turning Point,” which aired on the morning of the 15th, Lee Ha-yan appeared as a guest.

On the same day, Lee Ha-yan recalled her difficult life when she was swindled by an older sister she knew in the past and divorced. He was even taken to the hospital for extreme choices.

Lee Ha-yan also mentioned the reason for the divorce. “I lived with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and it was so hard. “It was hard to overcome. My daughter divorced when she was four. I used to live in a moldy basement. I told my daughter all the reasons for the divorce, and she had bed wetting until she was in her second year of high school.

“My daughter was bullied a lot when she was in school. “I got hit with my shoe pocket, but I didn’t say anything because I was worried it would be hard for my mom.”

Lee Ha-yan said, “I left 200 million won to a sister I knew just before the divorce, and it was a scam. I was so shocked that I couldn’t read for a while because I was suffering from dyslexia.

Lee Ha-yan, who recently went on a diet, lost 100 to 38 kilograms in just three months. “I’ve never been on a diet. After all, it’s a diet. I ate vegetables lightly in the morning rather than cooked food, so I felt lighter all day.

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