Lee Kang-in's

interested in Lee Kang-in’s transfer market. He wants to know if it’s for sale

I’m interested in Lee Kang-in’s transfer market. He wants to know if it’s for sale.

Lee Kang-in's

Lee Kang-in (20, Valencia) is drawing attention from several clubs in the winter transfer market 먹튀사이트

Spanish media “Cadenasser” said that a number of clubs have begun asking if they intend to sell Lee Kang-in to Valencia. Valencia has classified Lee Kang-in as a potential transfer partner who refused to renew his contract, but the situation is expected to be watched further.

Lee Kang-in is not yet promising to renew his contract with Valencia. Expectations were high because it was known that Lee Kang-in was going to change the generation before the opening of this season, but his position did not change much under Harvey Gracia. At the beginning of the season, he started as a starter, but his playing time gradually decreased.

There were also many bad news. It had a hard time with the confirmation of the new coronavirus infection (Korona 19) and rumors of factional conflict within the team. Lee Kang-in, who had been unable to play for a while, is now taking a little chance due to Valencia’s sluggishness and injuries.

He started in three consecutive games this month, including the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup), and scored his first goal of the season against Yeklano Deportivo (3rd Division League). The match against Valladolid played until the 28th minute, contributing to his team’s three consecutive appearances and victory.

Spanish public opinion is also favorable. Local media “El Death Marque” gave Lee Kang-in a rating of 8 after the match against Valladolid, saying, “The Gracia manager is giving Lee Kang-in a chance, and he himself is also using it well.”

Lee Kang-in is showing his talent again, drawing attention from teams who hope to recruit him in the winter. Both Valencia and Lee Kang-in are keeping a close watch on the situation. Kadenasser said, “For now, Valencia left the door open for Lee’s transfer. Lee Kang-in also said, “I am thinking again about my future as the number of participants increases.”

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