Is it a sign of a vacation friendship transfer with four

Is it a sign of a vacation friendship transfer with four unemployed PSG members?


Lionel Messi, whose future has yet to be confirmed, enjoyed his vacation with Paris Saint-Germain players.

Messi’s contract with FC Barcelona expired after the 2020-2021 season. Therefore, Messi is not invincible at this point. Barcelona demanded Messi to cut their weekly salary due to the club’s financial difficulties. Messi et al. planned to transfer one by one to another.

Messi, who has been enjoying his unemployed status for about a month, appeared on Angel Di Maria’s social media as a photo. Di Maria posted a photo of herself and Messi together on SNS on the 4th (Korean time). Neymar, Leandro Paredes, and Marco Verati were also in the picture.

Four of the five members, excluding Messi, have something in common that they belong to PSG. Of course, it could be an accidental encounter. If five players are divided by nationality, Messi, Di Maria, Paredes are Argentina, Neymar is Brazil, and Verati is Italy. Considering the ties of his former team, Messi and Neymar played for Barcelona together 안전놀이터

With the release of the photo, Messi’s transfer to PSG has weighed heavily. However, local media in Spain said, “Messi is pushing for a five-year contract with Barcelona. “The Barcelona side proposed a 50% reduction in salary, but Messi accepted it,” he also mentioned the possibility of Messi remaining.

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