It was just 10 seconds, but he’s back, fascinating and longing for the British

It was just 10 seconds, but he’s back, fascinating and longing for the British.


It was only a short time, but I was fascinated by Tottenham Hotspur Gareth Bale (31), who flashed England 토토사이트

Tottenham suffered a 0-3 complete defeat in the 24th round of the Premier League away with leading Manchester City on the 14th. The ranking fell to the ninth place, further moving the big four.

Bale stepped on the ground in the 27th minute of the second half to replace Eric Lamela. It was a ray of hope for Tottenham. His true worth was revealed. In the 35th minute of the second half, Bale attempted a mid-range shot from the opponent’s arc. The ball hit the defender and flowed. I grabbed it again and tried dribbling. He beat Bernardo Silva lightly in front of the arc. He then beat Imerick Laporte and John Stones in the penalty box line. He fired a powerful left-footed shot from the front of the net, but was blocked by goalkeeper Ederson.

If Bale’s shooting was included, it would have been a hot topic. Tottenham was even more regrettable because it was an opportunity to avoid defeat. It was short, but the veil in its prime was visible for about 10 seconds.

“Bale’s brilliant skills have knocked down three Manchester City players,” said Planet Football, who watched the match. “He started off on the bench and played like his best abilities,” he said.

Football London also said, “The old Bale was there at the moment. “It was only 10 seconds, but it proved that it could affect the last minute of the game.”

British media and Tottenham fans want Bale to work a little longer. If the team is revived, it will be able to maximize the team’s offense by relieving the burden of Son Heung-min and Harry Kane.

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