Can I take care of it outside, Park Chul Conflict Outbreaks

Can I take care of it outside, Park Chul Conflict Outbreaks in Relation Disclaimer


Park Chul-min and Yoo Kyung-jin, the “Aero couple,” told the reason why the relationship between the couple is bound to deteriorate.

Following last week’s Channel A and SKY’s “Aerobu couple” (hereinafter “Aerobu couple”) which aired on the 8th, the story of Park Chul-min, an anchor-turned-husband, and Yoo Kyung-jin, a working mother, was depicted.

Earlier, Yoo Kyung-jin said, “My husband doesn’t look like a man anymore. “I don’t want to have a relationship with a married couple,” he said. In response, Park Chul-min said, “I always express my love for my wife with a consistent heart and I love her. “But she has changed since the wedding.

Park said, “I think we should have couple relations once every two months. As it becomes accumulated, it feels like a debt that I should receive. “If I’m going to neglect expressing my affection like that, I think, “Why did I get married?”

In response, Yoo Kyung-jin explained, “My feelings are so painful now, but my husband keeps trying to physically express and resolve me, so I am so annoyed that I am reluctant to have a marital relationship because of the repeated situation.”

Yoo Kyung-jin said, “If this relationship continues, I will divorce you.” It sounded like a threat to me. I was speechless. Can I even go outside and fix it? He said, “I’m cheating on you?” I have something to say and something I don’t. So I told him to do whatever he wants. This will inevitably worsen the relationship between couples. Hyun Young said, “If you think the intensity of a verbal fight between a couple is 10, 10 is divorce. “There are some misconceptions that I think winning the last 10 is winning,” he said.

Lee Yong-jin, who listened to the couple’s innermost thoughts, advised, “It seems necessary to practice listening to his wife until the end.” Hong Jin-kyung said, “I think we have the same temperament. If your husband is the type of person who demands until the end, your wife will not do it until the end. I think that’s why I bumped into her. Yang Jae-jin also said, “Through the couple’s counseling, the husband should objectify himself and look back, and the wife should check the current situation to see if she has any depression.”

Park Chul-min, who heard this, said, “From my point of view, I had accumulated feelings of sadness until I said so. “In a way, I think the expression I made while I was in a state of exhaustion was wrong,” he said. He then promised, “I will try to make a happier family by fixing the parts to be fixed.”

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