It’s accompanied by hair loss which is the cause

It’s accompanied by hair loss which is the cause of pimples on the scalp


Q: I’m a woman in her mid-20s. I usually have sex often, and my partner changes often (ex-boyfriend, married boss, fitness club coach, etc.), and recently, I have been suffering from sleep deprivation due to the increased workload at the company.

I don’t know if it’s because of that, but these days, I have pimples on my scalp and hair loss symptoms, so I’m losing more than usual. This is very stressful, what should I do? Should I go to the hospital and get treatment?

A: There are many causes of hair loss and scalp blemishes. In particular, it is closely related to stress and lack of sleep.(It occurs when the circulation in the scalp is poor.)  온라인비아그라

First of all, you need to have the right lifestyle and regain your mind’s stability. If it doesn’t get better, please visit hair loss hospitals, dermatologists, and oriental clinics to consult a specialist.

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