Ryu Soo-young

It’s really not the same. Cinetown Park Ha-sun ♥ Ryu Soo-young

It’s really not the same. Cinetown Park Ha-sun ♥ Ryu Soo-young and Lotto couple’s fun romantic chemistry.

Ryu Soo-young

Actor Ryu Soo-young and actress Park Ha-sun made people laugh with their “jjin couple” chemistry on the radio. Their tiki-taka chemistry, as well as sincere advice for couples and affectionate episodes for each other, filled the hour.

Ryu Soo-young appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown,” which was broadcast on the morning of the 12th, to promote SBS’ “My Fantasy House.” Prior to Ryu Soo-young’s appearance on the visible radio, Park Ha-sun made people laugh by reiterating that her husband is not appearing because of her.

Ryu Soo-young, who appeared later, replied to a listener who said, “It must feel like an open date at work,” “I don’t know whether to be nervous or happy,” and “I don’t know which side to be in sync.” “It’s nice to be sitting in a pink room,” he said. “There’s a strange charm of a pink room.”

When asked if she told Park Ha-sun not to do the radio, Ryu Soo-young said, “I didn’t tell her not to do the radio,” and stressed, “I didn’t tell her not to do it.” “Radio is very attractive,” he said. “But I was worried if I could stay away from dramas and movies, but radio is that attractive.”

It was also revealed that Park Ha-sun first saw Ryu Soo-young when she was in middle school. Park Ha-sun said, “The drama ‘The Successful Story of the Bright Girl’ came to my school.” “I saw it through the window then and I remember saying ‘Wow, it’s a celebrity, it’s Ryu Soo-young!” Ryu Soo-young said, “The middle school girls were poking their heads out of the window,” and added, “It was amazing because it hadn’t been long since I made my debut.” “It was my first mini-series,” he said with a smile. “It’s amazing that you were there then.” When Park Ha-sun was embarrassed, Ryu Soo-young said, “I will make it light.”

Park Ha-sun also revealed an anecdote in which Ryu Soo-young wrote English to her. And Park Ha-sun praised Ryu Soo-young, “He looks a little sculpture like Tom Cruise, but he’s better than Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is older.” “I hope Ryu Soo-young will make it to Hollywood, and he speaks English well.” Later, when Park Ha-sun asked her to compliment herself, Ryu Soo-young replied, “Beautiful, you’re beautiful as soon as you wake up.” When asked, “Is there nothing else but pretty?” “I think pretty is all about expression. I don’t think it’t look pretty unless I have a pretty heart.”

On the same day, Ryu Soo-young showed her caring husband who brought her own tiramisu. He asked Park Ha-sun again, “Is it delicious?” and Park Ha-sun responded, “Why do you keep asking?” which made her laugh. “The meaning of tiramisu is a cake that lifts me up,” Ryu Soo-young said. “So I brought it to cheer you up.” The sweet looks of the two made listeners feel happy together, and Ryu Soo-young said, “We go through spring, summer, fall, and winter every day,” but added, “We have two summers a day, but fortunately we don’t go through winter.”

They were also seen as a “lotto couple.” It means that they are not a well-matched couple, and they showed very different tastes, adding to the laughter. “It really doesn’t fit,” Park admitted. The listener also asked Ryu Soo-young, “What’s important when choosing a house?” and Ryu Soo-young replied, “We shared a house and went to see it together.” In response, Park Ha-sun said, “The house was too expensive,” and added, “We did it together because we had to borrow.” “The house is too expensive,” Ryu said. “Of course, the price is the most important thing. I was going to meet the price, but it was important that there were good restaurants around. I thought of a place where I could eat delicious food and not worry about every meal. “I wish it was a house with a pretty little cafe.”

Also, Ryu Soo-young said about her “My Fantasy Album,” which she stars in, “There are many home programs. These days, all-in-home, which can do everything at home, is the trend. Instead of going to an expensive house, you should visit a house with various tastes and live there. It is a house that finds fantasy. “It’s a program that shows more people than home.” Ryu Soo-young said about her fantasy, “I want to go to a sunny house with a small field, with mountains behind me and the sea far away.” Park Ha-sun mentioned “House with Jung-jung” and “House with a View of the Lake.”

They also gave realistic advice to couples. Park Ha-sun told a newlywed couple that she was at odds over the interior, “We matched it,” adding, “If the other party likes this, we followed it, but we usually fight a lot during the honeymoon.” Ryu Soo-young said, “But I can’t see them after six months,” and added, “I get upset when I fight because of things that are not important and things that I can’t see.” Park Ha-sun also said, “The wound will go forever, so don’t fight.” “I don’t think we should curse or attack our parents.” Ryu Soo-young also said, “It would be heartbreaking to hear that.”

Ryu Soo-young is currently representing the team. When a listener mentioned it, Park Ha-sun said, “Why did you do it?” and said, “I was surprised that you suddenly did it.” Ryu Soo-young said, “The former employee has been doing it for a long time,” and added, “I gathered up the repairs and suggested it, but he said he would try it himself.” I have to spend some time on my own. “I spend a lot of money,” Park Ha-sun said. “I’m worried. He’s known, not because of money, so I’m worried if something bad happens. I am glad that you like it a lot. Ryu Soo-young said, “It’s a meticulous check for regular inspections,” and added, “I’m proud if the safety check goes well.” I am proud because it is the house we live in.

In particular, Ryu Soo-young drew attention by showing her expectations for Park Ha-sun as an actress. “All of the works so far contain Ha-sun’s appearance little by little, but nothing has come out of her charm yet,” he said. “There is nothing that Ha-sun’s charm is combined into a single individual,” he said, adding to his excitement by expressing expectations, “If Park Ha-sun comes out, he could go to Cannes, not Hollywood.”

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