Jo Min

Jo Min you’re a nuisance What’s wrong with your divorce?

Jo Min you’re a nuisance What’s wrong with your divorce?

Jo Min

His troubles continue.

Jo Min-ah, a former Jewelry native, appeared on Channel S’s entertainment show “Grandma of the Advance,” which was scheduled to air on the 5th, and tried to confess why she confessed her single mother.

However, the broadcaster could not find the master bedroom. Cho Min-ah’s husband, A, who is in a divorce suit, applied for a ban on broadcasting. Although the court’s decision was not made, the production team decided to close after discussion. The hearing on the injunction against broadcasting will be held on the 8th.

In the end, she said on the air what was not agreed with her husband A, and all of this damage was embraced by the production team. There is no such nuisance.

Until recently, Cho Min-ah has become the main character of the topic by posting several postings suggesting damage to domestic violence on Instagram. The curiosity was amplified because he had been posting posts enjoying the joy of newlyweds until just last year.

Although the fact was even published as an article, Cho Min-ah did not make exactly any position regarding the implication of domestic violence, and in the end, she actually ridiculed the public by posting several advertisement posts on her blog one after another.

Cho Min-ah has been virtually at odds with the public in the process of opening a bakery, so there was a view that his suggestion of domestic violence was also viewed as “burning.” Cho Min-ah has since posted a message suggesting divorce and indirectly expressed her feelings. Finally, on the 29th of last month, he announced his position as a divorce suit. This also seems to be an issue that has not been agreed with A. A.

Cho Min-ah, who was like this, was scheduled to appear on the air suddenly. It’s an appearance in ‘Grandma of the Advance’. The production team explained why Cho Min-ah lived as a single mother and predicted that she would confess her hard life. This is also presumed to have not been agreed with Mr. A.

In the end, A predicted legal action against Cho Min-ah’s mention in related articles as well as broadcast programs. The application for a ban on broadcasting of “Advance Grandmother” is also an extension of this. Cho Min-ah tried to express her difficulties and hopes in life, but her burden was borne by the production team. Park Jung-soo, Kim Young-ok, and Na Moon-hee, who appeared together, will watch him from what perspective.

The public is curious about her intentions of giving only question marks in an unclear position and informing the broadcast of the contents that were not agreed upon with her husband in a divorce suit.

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