Why don’t ophthalmologists do LASIK LASEK?

Why don’t ophthalmologists do LASIK LASEK?


Many people give LASIK or SMILE LASIK surgery as a treatment concept, and I think you should think of it as a concept, like double eyelid surgery, because it’s not focused, but because it’s out of focus, it’s blurry If you wear glasses, you can see it well. I don’t want to put them on. I don’t like them. If you don’t, you’ll get them. If you don’t, it’ll be easy to understand

I don’t go because there are side effects on the side effects surgery. I think the doctors are suspicious of you not taking it What do you think? All procedures and sounds, but I can’t tell you there’s no 100 percent side effect on your eyes, because your eye condition is different, and you’ll find a better surgery for your eye To do that, you need to have a thorough examination and a thorough examination

be safe to some degreeFor example, there are 98 percent abnormalities Even if you think empirically about the success rate of snacks with a success rate of more than 99%, most of them are satisfied with more than 90%, and you have a safe work to achieve the desired result

I can say that there is no more than 97 percent of the time after 2009 to 14 years of care I can tell you that it’s a safe novel The other three percent of them had side effects? They didn’t reach it, but I’m sure they did too It’s very likely that he’s had surgery, and what are the side effects?

I think there’s a typical side effect of night glare It’s not like everyone shows up. There are people who are different, people who are flat, people who are big, people who are small, and when they get it, changes happen In that sense, I can tell you that the liver is dazzling

I think it’s different depending on how you operate. I think that’s what Lasek usually says is a side effect That’s what you’re talking aboutIn the same case, it’s bigger, so there’s less of a moonshine symptom

You want to get the flexural force you want, but because you have a cut, you have to get a detailed examination before surgery because you don’t want to be able to take it as a confirmation, and these eyes are corneal dilatation, and you need to make a bold decision not to do surgery 비아그라파는곳

I can say it’s comfortable. You can look at your phone while eating ramen. I think it’s worth it. Don’t worry about it too much. I hope you can consult before you go to the clinic

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