Kang Min-kyung

Kang Min-kyung → Kim Hye-soo, Han So-hee, actors who bowed their

Kang Min-kyung → Kim Hye-soo, Han So-hee, actors who bowed their heads due to their parents’ debts Family is too much.

Kang Min-kyung

While Kang Min-kyung of Davichi suffered from financial problems of her father and brother, the stories of celebrities who had to bow their heads to the public due to their families are being reexamined.

On February 6, it was reported that 19 investors filed a complaint against Kang Min-kyung’s father and brother, who deceived them that they would develop forests in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, within two years with no clear development plans in 2017.

Investors claim that they invested in the real estate development agreement between A, the director of the Busan-based auction academy, and Kang Min-kyung’s brother, but suffered economic damage. On the other hand, A is known to have been arrested on fraud charges, and Kang Min-kyung’s father sued investors for defamation, saying he had never signed a contract with investors or promised to repay the principal.

In the wake of the controversy, Kang Min-kyung said through her agency, “Kang Min-kyung has experienced her father’s unsavory financial problems several times since her debut at the age of 18. Kang Min-kyung, who has been suffering greatly from this, has cut off his father’s business and has never been involved in his father’s business, he said. “Nevertheless, he has repaid his father’s debt to fulfill his moral responsibility for the victims.” Kang is not involved in any business, including his activities as an entertainer and investment and development other than Abiemua, who is currently registered as a representative. “This incident is also unrelated to Kang Min-kyung, who Kang Min-kyung never knew,” he drew the line.

Prior to Kang Min-kyung, Kim Hye-soo and Han So-hee also inevitably disclosed their family history due to their family debts. In 2019, suspicions were raised that Kim Hye-soo’s mother had borrowed more than 1.3 billion won from her acquaintances for business reasons and had not fulfilled her debts for years.

In response, Kim Hye-soo said that his mother has caused financial problems several times since decades ago, and in 2012, he had a serious feud with his mother and eventually broke off the mother-daughter relationship. The sad story of Kim Hye-soo, who was hidden in her splendid appearance at the time, was revealed, and many netizens comforted and cheered.

Han So-hee’s situation was similar. In July 2020, an online community posted an exposure that Han So-hee’s mother had been swindled. In the wake of the controversy, Han So-hee said she grew up in her grandmother’s hands due to her parents’ divorce around the age of 5, and she learned about the debt after the age of 20. At that time, Han So-hee explained that she was the daughter and child of her grandmother, who raised her, and paid off her mother’s debt even before her debut, but that she continued to owe money using her name.

Han Go-eun and Cho Yo-jung were also damaged by their father’s debt in 2018. At the time, Han Go-eun said she had lived without even contacting her father for more than 20 years, and since her debut, she had been threatened on set due to various debt-related problems of her father, and settled her relationship with her father due to another conflict over inheritance after her mother’s death.

Cho Yo-jung also disclosed the story of her parents’ divorce due to her father’s debt, explaining that she has not had any exchanges or contact with her father since then.

Cha Ye-ryeon was also embroiled in a controversy over his father’s debt, which he had not seen for 15 years in 2018. After the controversy erupted, public support poured out as a sad story was told that he had been handling about 1 billion won in debt alone for 10 years.

Cha Ye-ryeon, who appeared on TV Chosun’s “Eating Man Heo Young-man’s Trip to the White House,” indirectly mentioned his father’s debt controversy. Cha Ye-ryeon said, “My parents divorced and I only see my mother, and it’s been a long time since I’ve lived without my father,” adding, “I needed a fence.” So I wanted to get married soon. I wish I had only one side to protect me. “My husband is doing that now,” he said, referring to his gratitude to his husband Joo Sang-wook.

In addition, Mamamoo’s Wheein and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany were forced to disclose their family history due to their father’s debt controversy, and Microdot had to suspend their activities due to their parents’ debt controversy.

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