Kep1er certified gold by the Japan Record Association …

Kep1er certified gold by the Japan Record Association for its debut single ‘FLY-UP’ in Japan


Kep1er was certified Gold Disc by the Japan Record Association.

Kep1er (Choi Yu-jin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chae-hyun, Kim Da-yeon, Hikaru, Hueningbahie, Seo Young-eun, and Kang Ye-seo) released their Japanese debut single album “FLY-UP” in September, exceeding 100,000 cumulative shipments, and was certified as a “Gold” record by the Japan Record Association.

Based on the cumulative sales of the album every month, the Japan Record Association divides the certification into gold, platinum, double platinum, triple platinum, and million and announces it on its official website every month.

Choi Yu-jin said through her agency on October 18, “Thanks to you, I was able to make my debut in Japan, and I was touched that Kep1er’s first Japanese single ‘FLY-UP’ was able to be certified as a Gold Disc.” I will continue to work hard to present good music and performances. “I ask for your continued support, and thank you for the Japanese Keflian.”

Kep1er proved his hot popularity in Japan by ranking first in the Oricon Daily Single Ranking and second in the Weekly Single Ranking through “FLY-UP.” It also proved its growing interest in Japan by ranking second and fourth in the Billboard Japan weekly single sales chart and the Japanese Tower Records daily sales chart, respectively.

In addition, all songs of “FLY-UP” have settled at the top of various music charts such as Line Music, iTunes, and AWA charts immediately after their release, showing global influence.

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