Kim Gyuri

Kim Gyuri of Green Mothers Club spends most of her own

Kim Gyuri of Green Mothers Club spends most of her own money on all her outfits

Kim Gyuri

JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Green Mothers Club” (scripted by Shin Yi-won/directed by Rahana) ended with the broadcast on the 26th. “Green Mothers Club” is a drama depicting the bare faces of elementary school communities and the dangerous relationship between parents in the neighborhood, and it was loved not only by domestic viewers but also by Japan’s Netflix.

Actor Kim Gyu-ri played the role of Seo Jin-ha, a so-called “outsider mom,” who does not belong to the mom community and raises her own way. Seo Jin-ha, a tapestry writer and former friend of Eun-pyo (Lee Yo-won), had an unapproachable outer face of an aura, but he was always alive with an uneasy inner face to maintain it. In particular, in the fifth episode, viewers were drawn to the play in an instant due to the sudden death.

Kim Gyu-ri’s performance did not stop here. She appeared as Leah, the adopted family’s brother and sister of Seo Jin-ha’s husband Louis (Roy). In particular, Leah gave a stormy twist in the final episode as it was revealed that she was in a relationship with Louis.

Kim Gyu-ri, who returned to the home theater three years after tvN’s “60 Days, Designated Survivor,” which aired in 2019, and performed exceptionally. Kim Gyu-ri, who has recently expanded his scope of activities as an artist and is making a move of “Artist Kim Gyu-ri,” met with the end of “Green Mothers Club” on the 26th. Kim Gyu-ri asked if she told an honest story about what she felt through the work as well as the behind-the-scenes story of the “Green Mothers Club.”

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