Kim Hee-jae

Kim Hee-jae “False Facts, Hard-line Response” VS Moko “600

Kim Hee-jae “False Facts, Hard-line Response” VS Moko “600 Million Litigation, No False Contents”

Kim Hee-jae

The truth battle between singer Kim Hee-jae and his former agency Moko ENT has continued for a long time.

MocoENT announced on the morning of the 7th that it has filed a lawsuit against Kim Hee-jae’s current agency Green Bam E&M for damages worth about 600 million won.

Earlier, Moko ENT is Kim Hee-jae’s second solo concert performance agency, which was scheduled to be held since July last year, and signed Kim Hee-jae’s exclusive agency for overseas management in May 2021.

Kim Hee-jae was originally scheduled to perform in Busan, Gwangju, and Changwon, starting in Seoul on July 9, but suddenly canceled it 10 days before the performance.

In this regard, MocoENT emphasized, “We paid most of the related expenses in the future as well as the down payment under the management contract by acting on behalf of Kim Hee-jae.”

In addition, “The Defendants are obligated to pay KRW 497,171,140 for the concert, KRW 176,325,150 for management, and 12% per year from the day after the delivery of the copy of the case to the date of full payment,” he said.

In this regard, Green Snake E&M immediately refuted this afternoon. Green Snake refuted Mokoienti’s position, saying, “We deeply regret Mokoienti’s behavior of using the media to spread false information such as that the performance was not held at the responsibility of Green Snake & M.”

He also said, “We will respond strongly to Mokoiente’s actions that undermine the reputation of the company and the artist by issuing false and malicious press releases over the ongoing trial,” adding, “All the truth will be revealed in court.”

Mokoienti then immediately distributed a rebuttal. “All press releases of Mokoiente are being written and distributed based on verifiable documents under legal advice with its legal representatives, law firms, and lawyers,” Mokoiente said, claiming that there was no false information.

In addition, “We paid three advance payments for the performance fee on February 18th after the Kim Hee-jae concert contract on January 15, 2022. The case began with a press release and a lawsuit that unilaterally destroys the contract because it is the same contract, but the payment of 5 times is late. “There is still no answer to this,” he said, asking for confirmation of the fact.

“Please clarify what is false based on the exact documents and contents of the N.M., which has expressed a strong response, and we will fight thoroughly until the end with the belief that this should not happen again in the industry,” he said.

The two sides expressed their official positions one after another and refuted each other’s positions. As the lawsuit continues amid conflicting opinions, attention is focused on which side the court will favor.

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