Kim Woobin

Kim Woobin intentionally looked at the group shot

Kim Woobin intentionally looked at the group shot of “Stay Away” with Shin Min-ah

Kim Woobin

Actor Kim Woo-bin has released a group shot to commemorate the end of “Our Blues.”

Kim Woo-bin said on his personal Instagram account on the 14th, “I was very warm and happy thanks to the viewers who worked with our blues.” Be happy for all of us alive! I posted several pictures with the message, “Be happy! Be sure!”

Among the released photos, the group shot of “Our Blues” attracts attention. Kim Woo-bin, including Lee Jung-eun, Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-won, Shin Min-ah, Han Ji-min, Eom Jung-hwa, Jung Eun-hye, Ko Doo-sim, Kim Kwang-kyu, Park Ji-hwan, and Choi Young-joon, gathered together in a purple vest and smiled happily.

In particular, Kim Woo-bin is far away from his real lover Shin Min-ah, making viewers laugh. Thanks to the happy and warm on-site photos, the aftermath of “Our Blues” is deepening.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin played captain Jung Joon in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” and portrayed a romance with Han Ji-min as a haenyeo Young-ok. His real lover Shin Min-ah worked with Lee Byung-hun as Min-sun

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