Tooth Preservation Therapy You can’t save glasses

Tooth Preservation Therapy


You can’t save glasses that have cracks in their teeth and roots The reason is that microorganisms continue to go in and the bones melt around the gold, so there’s no way to put the gold back to the roots It’s common sense to think about it, so in that case, you have to remove it In addition, it’s the case that the tooth breaks, and it’s mostly diagonal, but if it breaks above the gum boy, it can save 100%

But if you go under your gums and you think it’s your gums and it breaks very deep down to the bottom, you can compromise for about 23 days and save the car It can be done by nerve treatment, building up a pillar, and reinforcing it, but if it breaks very deep, there are often cases where it is inevitable to remove it But other than the case where the teeth crack and break, it’s because the teeth that occur more frequently are rotten

Most of the decaying cases are subject to self-awareness, so you can come and save the car before extracting it, but I’ve told you many times that permanent cement doesn’t speak English yet, and this time, it’s getting higher and more airless

In that case, if you don’t have any head, fortunately, if you have more than a stable tooth, as I told you, you can use various methods of reinforcing it, but if you don’t have any head, there’s no place to grab it Even if you get reinforced, unless you grab your own teeth, you just fall in love with it. There are people who come like that Even though I had a lot of postures and reinforced them, I ate a lot of strength, and it came out as a whole 정품 비아그라

If your teeth shake, you have to remove them I’ve told you this many times, but most gum diseases are caused by not being aware of it, so it burns and Chuseok continues to go down to clean, work, work, work, work, and melt the bones that you hold The things that you hold tightly around you, you go down, you go down, you go down, you go down, you go down, you go down, and in many ways, the bones that you call the alveolar bone melt

If you don’t brush your teeth and don’t come to the hospital regularly for scaling or proper body care, your teeth are getting higher and higher. Unlike healthy bones that hold bones well, if you look at them, there’s no chance of it

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