Kim Yu-na

Kim Yu-na looks lovely with her bangs down

Kim Yu-na looks lovely with her bangs down Eyes more than luxury goods

Kim Yu-na

Figure skating queen Kim Yu-na showed off her elegant charm.

Kim posted a photo on her Instagram on the 27th.

In the released photo, Kim Yu-na holds a product of D company, a luxury brand she is in charge of global ambassador. However, Kim Yu-na’s change attracted more attention than Company D’s product. I got bangs that slightly cover my smooth forehead. Kim Yu-na’s lovely beauty, who looks younger, is admired. Pure skin without blemishes, high nose bridge, green eyes and fine mouth are also beautiful.

Meanwhile, Kim Yu-na, who played for the national figure skating team, won medals in various competitions, including the Olympics and the world championships, being called the “Figure Queen.” After retiring in 2014, I am working hard to train my juniors

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