Causes of menstrual irregularities after transmenstruation

Causes of menstrual irregularities after transmenstruation


When you’re a female teenager, you can see her as the first step into adulthood In other countries, it’s meaningful that there’s an event like a hard metal party Since it’s your first period, you’ll be more worried and scared But anyway, it doesn’t matter if my period starts normally, but there are more people who are watching, saying, “What’s wrong with this? It’s going to get better.”

You’ve heard a lot about a year of irregular menstruation, right? Let’s see why. It’s easy to think of menstruation as a natural event that comes out every month, but it’s actually a very delicate phenomenon in the body The hormones that control the loss of abnormalities are caused by the uterus, but the ones that regulate the physiology of the uterus are secreted by other organs, typically the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain

If you’re not fully mature yet, your period is irregular and your menstrual volume is irregular for a year, so you can just get these symptoms without any problems Depending on the individual, it can take up to two years. But even after you’re meant to be, your period is irregular and your menstrual flow is a bit weird. Don’t leave it unattended. You have to go to the hospital and do the reason

In particular, even though it’s been more than 2 years, if you have menstruation less than 6 times a year, you have to go to the hospital and check the cause What is the most common cause of menstrual irregularity in adolescence? Polycystic ovarian syndrome It’s a very unfamiliar word. You have to ovulate your ovaries every month, but it’s a disease caused by poor ovulation

A lot of people are asking if it’s a disease that can occur a lot even in adolescence It happens a lot to students in their teens last week Besides polycystic ovary syndrome, other conditions such as hyperprolactinemia can lead to adolescent menstrual irregularities, even if you don’t have these trials, you can develop adolescent menstrual irregularities When it comes to simple hormonal imbalances, it’s usually when you’re under a lot of stress, because it’s a test, because you’re fighting with your friends, and you’re under a lot of stress or lack of course

And I lost too much weight all of a sudden because I was on such a bad diet I suddenly lost weight because I ate a lot. Things like that can be a reason I’ve been telling you that if you’ve been around for more than two years and it’s still not regular, you should go to the hospital and get tested, because the earlier you start treatment, the more likely you are

If we give you polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes menstrual irregularities in adolescence, it’s considered that there’s no cure in both countries So we just give birth control pills to make sure they don’t get worse, but in oriental medicine, it’s possible to treat polycystic ovary syndrome It’s important to note that these treatments can be identified as quickly as possible and begin before the initial symptoms worsen, which can shorten the duration of the treatment and increase the treatment

And the last thing I’d like to remind you is that there are a lot of people who are usually prescribed birth control pills after they’ve been examined by an obstetrician or a hospital At times like this, you can think about contraceptives very carefully and decide to take them If you take medicine, you can think that your period is coming out every month, so you’re getting better

It’s not really my period to take birth control pills The real thing is that after ovulation in the ovary, some endometrium that appears, it always appears after ovulation The problem is that contraceptives suppress ovulation in the ovaries, making it look like menstruation 비아그라파는곳

The most essential reason for the irregularity of adolescence is the difficulty of ovulation in the ovaries My period is irregular because I can’t ovulate well in my ovaries, but it appears when I take team medicine, but it doesn’t have to my ovaries Because your ovaries don’t ovulate, it’s contraceptive

But why do they prescribe contraceptives? That’s because if you don’t have menstruation for too long, the endometrium can become a different disease, so you’re not giving it to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome or ovulation disorders, but it’s most important to detect women’s diseases as soon as possible and start treatment early

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