Ko Hyun-jung

Ko Hyun-jung, short cut Hani in her 20s…For meals, “One apple.”

Ko Hyun-jung, short cut Hani in her 20s…For meals, “One apple.”

Actress Ko Hyun-jung (52) caught the eye with her extraordinary short cut.

Ko Hyun-jung

On the 20th, an interview video of Ko Hyun-jung was posted on Vogue Korea’s official YouTube channel.

Ko Hyun-jung introduced her belongings in her bag one by one and said, “There are many things I carry around. So I can’t carry a small bag. “I carry a backpack and use a big bag mainly,” he said. Ko took out her cell phone, wallet, Pil-dong, cosmetics and perfume, followed by crystal and bottles. He also took out a tape measure and introduced, “It is convenient to measure it with a tape measure if you think there is something good somewhere.”

In addition, Ko Hyun-jung took out Kim Hye-ja’s book from her bag and said, “I received this book as a gift from Kim Hye-ja. I feel reassured after reading it all. He explained, “I don’t leave it at home, but I carry it around to unfold it.”

Explaining his morning routine, Ko Hyun-jung said, “When I wake up, I wonder whether I should go out to the living room or stay in bed more.” “When I go out to the living room, I drink water first,” he said. “I stay absent-minded in the living room and eat a quarter of an apple.”

When asked to choose only three belongings in her bag, Ko chose her cell phone and wallet. Ko Hyun-jung, who was thinking about it, was thinking between Kim Hye-ja’s book and perfume, and chose a perfume instead of a book. Ko Hyun-jung said, “I’m sorry (Kim Hye-ja),” adding, “Scent is too important for me.”

Meanwhile, Ko Hyun-jung is planning to meet the public with Netflix’s original ‘Mask Girl’ this year.

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