LeBron James

LeBron James is more important than winning

LeBron James is more important than winning

LeBron James

The current top basketball player challenging Michael Jordan also seems to have no choice in front of his son.

It is somewhat awkward to call LeBron James (hereinafter LeBron), who celebrated his 38th birthday on December 30 (local time).

He showed his robustness by overwhelming the Atlanta Hawks, who were trying to overturn his 38th birthday party with the overwhelming power of “47 points,” showed a one-man show and filmed “Hero Water.”

However, the difficulties continue. Despite winning the last game, LeBron’s one-man show of 28.5 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 6.6 assists on average, the Los Angeles Lakers are 15-21 and 13th in the West, failing to even compete for 10-11th place with the Clippers last year.

Main center Anthony Davis has an average of 27.4 points and 12.1 rebounds this season, but his return date has not been decided due to a right foot injury. Russell Westbrook’s flowing brook, which seemed to head to the vast sea of the NBA Finals, has long been collected in the lake. In other words, the name didn’t match the same name.

Thirty-eight-year-old LeBron James is carrying out a “challenge beyond difficulty” that led the team to the NBA Finals by performing a “one-man show” in Cleveland in the past. However, according to the local U.S. media ‘The Stein Line’, LeBron cannot easily choose to transfer. The reason is ‘son’.

LeBron James’s “basketball challenge” by his sons Bronny James and Bryce James played a part in bringing him to the Lakers from Cleveland. The eldest son, Bronny James, is a member of Sierra-Cannon High School, a prestigious basketball team, and is set to advance to the NBA in the future.

LeBron James’ love for his son is extraordinary. During the season break, he not only watched his son Broni’s high school games several times, but also actively participated in his children’s NIL (portrait rights and trademark rights) contract ceremonies, showing a meaningful “son love” move. Perhaps he is thinking of playing side by side on the NBA stage with his son.

LeBron James, who wants more winning rings, but is ready to give up his dream for his ‘son’. I hope his tearful efforts will be passed on to his son.

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