Lee Myung-kwan

Lee Myung-kwan 23 points and 7 steals’ Samsung

Lee Myung-kwan 23 points and 7 steals’ Samsung Life Insurance overpowered Woori Bank, where Na Yoon-jung fought hard

Lee Myung-kwan

Samsung Life beat Woori Bank.

Yongin Samsung Life Bloomings won 80-56 against Shinhan Bank’s SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Futures League Asan Woori Bank Woori WON at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 2nd.

Samsung Life Insurance, which has won three consecutive games, finished second alone with three wins and one loss. Woori Bank recorded one win and three losses.

Samsung Life Insurance won the victory with Lee Myung-kwan playing the role of an ace. Lee Myung-kwan, who shone in offense and defense, led the team to victory with 23 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and 7 steals. Other players, including Im Gyu-ri (13 points), Cho Soo-ah (11 points), and Lee Soo-jung (10 points and 9 rebounds), also performed evenly.

Woori Bank’s Na Yoon-jung scored 26 points and Pyeon Sun-woo scored 13 points and 10 rebounds, but was defeated by Samsung Life Insurance’s momentum from the second quarter.

The beginning of the game was tight. Samsung Life Insurance opened with Cho Soo-ah’s three-point shot, and Woori Bank faced off with an even scoring distribution. Since then, when Samsung Life Insurance hit ahead with Lee Myung-kwan and Kim Na-yeon, Woori Bank responded with Na Yoon-jung’s three-point shot. Samsung Life Insurance, which gave Na Yoon-jung 15 points in the first quarter alone, finished the first quarter 17-23.

The pattern changed completely in the second quarter. Samsung Life Insurance, which had been lagging behind, succeeded in reversing the mood early in the second quarter. Lee Soo-jung brought the flow by attacking the inside, and Im Gyu-ri burst the outer gun.

Woori Bank, which suffered a setback in the attack, was dragged out by allowing Lee Myung-kwan a series of three-point shots. Samsung Life Insurance widened the gap step by step with the performances of Kim Yoo-sun and Kim Na-yeon. Samsung Life Insurance, which slowed down a bit at the end of the first half, finished the first half 45-34.

Entering the third quarter, Samsung Life Insurance stopped Woori Bank’s offensive with Lee Myung-kwan’s consecutive goals. With Im Gyu-ri’s And One Play, the score gap widened to 15 points again. Im Gyu-ri showed her presence by putting in a three-point shot. Samsung Life Insurance finished the third quarter with 66-48.

There was no big turnaround in the fourth quarter. Samsung Life Insurance, which is close to winning, has begun to solidify with players scoring widely. Lee Myung-kwan broke Woori Bank’s momentum by making a series of steals, and Samsung Life Insurance won the victory.

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