Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in stubbornly refuses to renew his contract

Lee Kang-in stubbornly refuses to renew his contract. Valencia is leaving unconditionally.

Lee Kang-in

According to local reports, Lee Kang-in (20, Valencia) is stubbornly refusing to renew his contract with the club. The prospect of leaving the team in any form is gaining strength 토토사이트

Spain’s Marca said on the 15th (Korea time), “Lee Kang-in has been steadily receiving offers from Valencia since last summer, but he has not accepted them every time. The team is trying to continue the negotiations, but it has not progressed. Lee Kang-in, whose contract expires in June 2022, will eventually leave the team. “It’s similar to the case of Ferran Torres, 21, who left for Manchester City last summer.

According to the article, Lee Kang-in wants to transfer for more opportunities. In the current winter transfer market in January, both the club and Lee Kang-in have not made any particular moves.

“Lee Kang-in is grateful to Valencia for accepting him as a youth, but re-signing is not a priority at the moment. I’m looking for a project that can continue to develop. It is likely that he will leave the team after the end of the season due to the summer transfer market or the expiration of his contract. Valencia is also likely to prefer sales in June, when it will receive a transfer fee.

“Lee Kang-in is a valuable player in terms of marketing and performance. He is not only a key player in targeting the Asian market, but also a player who proved his level even in difficult situations where the coach is replaced several times,” he said.

Lee Kang-in, who has been helping three times without scoring in 12 matches in the Spanish Primera Liga this season, has been increasing his frequency in recent games. He played on the ground for three consecutive games and played 73 minutes in the league’s 18th round away match against Real Valladolid on the 12th.

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