Rashford Mourinho, who responded to the Manchester United PK

Rashford Mourinho, who responded to the Manchester United PK controversy, told us how to get the PK.


Marcus Rashford confessed that Jose Mourinho had taught him how to get a penalty.

In an interview on the 14th (Korea time), Rashford received the “2021 British Football Journalists Association (FWA) Contribution Award” and was asked why Manchester United became aware of receiving more times than justifiable penalty kicks 메이저놀이터

The question seems to have emerged after Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s recent remarks, with growing controversy over Manchester United receiving more penalty kicks than other clubs. At the time, manager Klopp said, “I heard that Manchester United has gained more PKs over the past two years than I did five and a half years ago. Is this my fault?” he once said.

Rashford said, “I don’t want to be tackled because I’m looking for a chance to score when I see a challenge coming from behind or dribbling a ball. I don’t let the other defender take the ball off. It’s a match between a team that wants to score and a team that defends. “Of course, I could get a penalty kick.”

Rashford then explained that he learned how to get a penalty kick from Mourinho. “But there were times when we didn’t get a penalty,” he said. When Mourinho was at the helm, he once told me, ‘If you don’t know how to get a penalty, you don’t get a penalty.’ Then we began to receive a penalty kick. It was an ability to learn and understand from an evolving point of view.

The interesting thing is the latest remarks by Ford raeswi, Mourinho said, ” The players are part of the seven other teams pikago (I fell.). And I get a penalty kick.” As it could be a problem, Mourinho did not mention a particular club, but there is much speculation in the local area that it may have been about Manchester United.

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