Lee Pilmo

Lee Pilmo and Seo Sooyeon are 7 months old

Lee Pilmo and Seo Sooyeon are 7 months old and this is how many people are this big?

Lee Pilmo

Seo Soo-yeon revealed her pregnancy status.

On the 10th, actress Lee Pil-mo’s wife Seo Soo-yeon said on her Instagram, “It’s seven months, but people keep asking if it’s full.” Do you feel like you’re already as old as Damho? Stop growing up, big guy,” he posted two photos.

In the released photo, Seo Soo-yeon is taking a selfie from the front. Seo Su-yeon is especially attracting attention by showing off her convex D-line, which is already full. As a result, there are growing voices cheering for the smooth birth.

Meanwhile, Lee Pil-mo and Seo Soo-yeon married each other through the TV Chosun entertainment program “Taste of Love,” and have one son.

In addition, Seo is currently pregnant with her second child. The second gender is known as the son

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