Lee Seojin

Lee Seojin who said 60 billion won would take care of grandpas

Lee Seojin who said 60 billion won would take care of grandpas got hit with his wealth.

Lee Seojin

The fact that actor Lee Seo-jin is considered a “rich star” and serves as an outside director and the real estate market price held has been revealed.

Mnet’s entertainment program “TMI News,” which aired on the 15th, introduced “Best 5 wealthy stars.”

In the broadcast that day, Lee Seo-jin, a graduate of New York University’s business school, a smart man representing the entertainment industry, was selected as the fourth-largest “financial star.” Lee Seo-jin has been serving as an outside director of Company D, a KOSPI-listed company, since March 2018. Company D is a company that supplies interior materials for Korea’s leading popular models, and profits from outside directors are about 22 million won a year.

In addition, Lee Seo-jin also showed signs of business administration in real estate investment, purchasing a 65-pyeong apartment in Bangbae-dong in January 2005. Since then, the apartment’s price has risen sharply since 2018 due to various favorable factors, and its actual transaction price has recently earned about 1.3 billion won in market profit from 1.48 billion won to 2.8 billion won.

In the past, rumors circulated that Lee Seo-jin was rich with 60 billion won in cash. However, he indirectly denied this in a broadcast in the past, saying, “If I had 60 billion won (when filming Grandpa Over Flowers), would I have gone to Europe and broadcast with care?”

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