Lee Yeonhee

Lee Yeonhee’s long hair cut short cut transformation

Lee Yeonhee’s long hair cut short cut transformation. What’s up with the first love of the people?

Lee Yeonhee

Lee Yeon-hee revealed her recent status.

Actress Lee Yeon-hee posted a photo with a black heart emoticon on her Instagram in the afternoon of the 29th.

The photo released this time shows Lee Yeon-hee making a coy face toward the camera.

Above all, Lee Yeon-hee caught the attention of viewers as she boasted her stylish beauty in a luxury Prada costume with a boldly transformed short-cut hairstyle and point earrings.

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-hee appeared in the original Kakao TV series “Marriage White Paper” this year. “Marriage White Paper” is a real romance of empathy that takes place in the process of preparing for the marriage of a couple in their 30s, who seemed to be the beginning of happiness after suffering like a happy ending in a fairy tale

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