Liverpool S.0-1 defeat to Hampton Manchester United Tottenham

Leadership Liverpool collapsed S.0-1 defeat to Hampton Manchester United Tottenham opportunity


League leader Liverpool was hit by Southampton.

Liverpool lost 0-1 in the English Premier League 17th round away match against Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, England, on the 5th (Korea time) 안전놀이터

Liverpool have been mired in a three-game losing streak. Liverpool, which drew 1-1 with West Bromwich on Dec. 28 and 0-0 with Newcastle on Dec. 31, suffered a bitter defeat. Liverpool marked nine wins, six draws and two losses.

The score is the same as Manchester United (33 points) who played one less game, but Liverpool scored +16 (Manchester United +9) in goal difference, staying in first place by seven goals. Liverpool’s defeat is expected to intensify the lead fight in the future. Tottenham also has a chance to score 29 points with only 16 matches. On the other hand, Southampton jumped to sixth place with eight wins, five draws and four losses.

For Liverpool, goalkeepers Salah, Binaldum, Henderson, Alcantara, Oxlade Chamberlain, Robertson, Fabinho, Alexander Arnold, and Alisson Becker were the starters. In response, Southampton started with Walcut, Ince, Armstrong, WordPrauss and Genefo.

Liverpool allowed the first goal just two minutes into the first half. Danny Ince, who received Ward Friends’ pass in a free kick situation, connected it with a left-footed lobbing shot from the left side of the box to shake Liverpool’s net.

Liverpool, which finished the first half 0-1, went on the offensive with Salah and Manet in the lead. Alcantara shot in the fourth minute of the second half and Manet shot in the 13th minute, but he was blocked by Southampton defender. Liverpool manager Klopp used his first replacement card in the 11th minute, replacing Oxyled Chamberlain. In the 33rd minute, Alexander Arnold was taken out and Milner was replaced to give strength to the offensive side.

In a hurry, Liverpool kept trying to attack. However, he almost allowed additional runs due to the gap between defense and defense. In the end, Liverpool failed to score, and three minutes later, the game ended in a 1-0 victory for Southampton.

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