MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Star Ranking 3rd place

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Star Ranking 3rd place in female idols unrivaled popularity


Hwasa, a member of the group MAMAMOO, won third place in the star ranking female idol category.

Wheein finished third with a total of 2,584 votes in the eighth round of the Star Idol Women’s Division, which took place from 3:01 p.m. on December 16 to 3 p.m. on December 23. As a result, two of MAMAMOO ranked at the top of the star idol vote, proving their unrivaled popularity.

Following No. 1 Karina (7400 votes), No. 2 Wheein (6003 votes), No. 3 Hwasa, No. 4 Mamamoo Solar (1838 votes), No. 5 Mamamoo Moonbyul (988 votes), No. 6 Red Velvet Yeri (383 votes), No. 7 BLACKPINK Jenny (330 votes), No. 8 Espa Winter (308 votes), No. 9 Black Pink Lisa (305 votes), and No. 10 CLC Choi Yu-jin (234 votes).

Hwasa debuted in 2014 with MAMAMOO’s album Don’t Be Happy. Since then, he has stood out as a national girl group by hitting a number of title songs such as “Um Oh Ah Yeh” and “Let’s Talk About Me.” He also actively worked as a solo singer through “TWIT”.

Meanwhile, star ranking is a ranking vote in which fans directly vote for their favorite stars to determine their rankings. Various perks are provided to stars depending on the ranking of the voting results. The star, who was selected as No. 1 for the fourth consecutive week, will be featured in outdoor electronic display advertisements 부산출장마사지

Star rankings, in which fans vote for their favorite stars, can be voted on the Star News website. The ninth round of voting runs from 3:01 p.m. on December 23 to 3 p.m. on December 30.

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